Foreign media: Apple plans to release its new entry-level 5g iPhone and iPad in early March


On February 5, according to foreign media reports, sources revealed that Apple plans to launch a cheap iPhone supporting 5g network and upgrade the iPad air at the product launch in early March.
It is reported that Apple plans to hold its first product launch in 2022 around March 8, when it will launch a new iPhone se supporting 5g network and an upgraded iPad air.
This will be Apple’s first major product launch since the launch of the new MacBook Pro last October. People familiar with the matter said that like Apple’s recent release of other products, the press conference will still be held online rather than on site.
Apple’s just released holiday shopping season results far exceeded Wall Street expectations, which also dispelled concerns that supply chain problems will affect Apple’s performance. Apple also set higher performance targets for 2022. The new product launch in March and a series of new products launched later show that Apple will carry out the largest product upgrade in history this year.
People familiar with the matter said that considering that there is nearly a month before the press conference, Apple’s plan to promote new products may be adjusted due to production delays or other changes. An apple spokesman declined to comment on the company’s plans.
Apple’s upcoming new phone will be the first major upgrade of iPhone Se series smartphones in two years. The device will add 5g network function, improve camera and be equipped with faster processor, but the appearance design of the phone has not changed.
The upgraded iPad air will also have a faster processor and support 5g network. People familiar with the matter said that Apple also plans to launch a new Mac equipped with Apple’s self-developed chip, which may also be available as early as March this year.
In addition to releasing new devices, Apple also plans to launch IOS 15.4 in the first half of March, people familiar with the matter said. This update will enhance facial recognition for iPhone and iPad, making it easier for users wearing masks to unlock their devices. IOS 15.4 also adds new emoticons and universal control features, allowing users to control multiple iPads and Macs with a set of keyboard and touch devices.
After the press conference in March this year, Apple may hold the annual global developer conference (WWDC) in June to announce a series of software updates involving iPhone, iPad, MAC and apple watch. Apple is also expected to hold a number of events in the fall, mainly the release of the iPhone 14 and the new Mac.
The products Apple plans to release in 2022 may include new IMAC and Mac Pro desktops, redesigned MacBook Air, cheap MacBook Pro with upgraded functions, as well as three apple watches, four iPhone 14 series smartphones and new airpods headphones. Apple also plans to launch new features such as the iPhone’s direct support for credit card payments.
Apple is also developing a high-end hybrid reality device, which is likely to be released in 2023. It was reported last month that Apple originally planned to release the device as early as the end of 2022, but the problems encountered in development affected the original release plan. (Jiao Han)