Microsoft CEO NADELLA first talked about the acquisition of Activision Blizzard: this will be a big step for us to enter the meta universe


Tencent technology news on February 3, Satya NADELLA, chief executive of Microsoft, said in a media interview that the game will promote Microsoft’s business transformation. This is also NADELLA’s first media interview since Microsoft agreed to spend $75 billion to acquire game developer Activision Blizzard last month.
Because users will spend more time in metauniverse, NADELLA tried to depict the largest technology industry M & a transaction in the world’s history as the core of the future of online interaction. He said that one day, the technology originally developed for video games will shape most of the software of micro software and become the core of the next large-scale computing platform.
NADELLA also said that improving its game building ability is close to the company’s initial business of creating software tools for developers. He said that this will enable Microsoft to “democratize game construction, which can only be carried out in the context of entertainment today.” In the future, the same technology will “bring it whatever it wants to build any space and digitize people, places and things.” We can start dreaming. Through the metauniverse, I can really be in the game, just as I can have a meeting with you in the conference room. This will show up in different environments, “NADELLA said.
Although NADELLA described the acquisition as an important step in building the next generation Internet competition, it has caused a shock wave in the game industry where Microsoft and Sony compete for the leading position of video game consoles. Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s game director, has informally promised not to remove Activision Blizzard’s most popular game, call of duty, from Sony’s PlayStation.
NADELLA suggested that Microsoft should not need to make any formal concessions to win regulatory approval for the deal because it is still too small to have an anti competitive impact. “In the final analysis, all the analysis here must be done through one lens: ‘what category and market structure are we talking about?’ even after this acquisition, we will only become the third in the video game market, with a market share of only a dozen percentage points. In this highly fragmented market, we will be a small participant.”
NADELLA admitted in the interview that antitrust regulators may also pay attention to the impact of the transaction on the future development of metauniverse, not just the current game market. But he said Microsoft is committed to building an open computing platform that allows people to move freely between virtual worlds of different companies. He added that if regulators try to enforce rules to keep the metauniverse open and connected, they should apply the same rules to all technology companies. “If that’s what we want to define for each contestant, my concern is to make equal rules for all participants. If so, we will be very open and involved through legislation, regulation or regulatory enforcement, whatever the form,” he said
Using current technology, virtual worlds built by different companies will be as disconnected as players playing video games today. NADELLA said that this highlights the need for new standards. This new standard will allow people to bring their digital identities and personal digital items from one meta universe to another. (compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)