Liu qiangdong will donate $2.34 billion to charities, and JD shares will start donating money to students in 2003


Tencent technology news on February 2, JD group announced that Liu qiangdong, chairman and CEO of the company’s board of directors, would donate 62376643 class B common shares to a third-party foundation for charitable purposes.
According to public data, as of the closing of U.S. stocks on February 1, the share price of JD group was $75.08 per ads, and the donated shares were worth more than $2.34 billion.
It is reported that the donation will be mainly used for education, environmental protection and other social public welfare undertakings that Liu qiangdong has long paid attention to. As early as 2003, when Jingdong had only 38 employees in the early stage of entrepreneurship, Liu qiangdong led the employees to subsidize 38 children to study in Jingle County, Shanxi Province. In February 2017, Liu qiangdong donated more than 100 million yuan to Suqian City, Jiangsu Province for local public welfare undertakings such as education, culture, pension and helping the weak and the poor; In June 2017, Liu qiangdong donated 300 million yuan to Renmin University of China to establish the Jingdong fund of Renmin University of China; In April 2018, it donated 200 million yuan to Tsinghua University to support the construction and development of Su Shimin College of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University Student global competency development guidance center and other projects.