Tencent News launched the digital collection hall to pay tribute to China’s aerospace industry and astronauts


Chinese dream, aerospace dream. Chinese astronautics people have made unremitting efforts to improve themselves, walked out of a development path of self-reliance and independent innovation, and accumulated a profound and broad Aerospace spirit.
On January 26, in order to pay tribute to China’s aerospace industry and Chinese astronauts, Tencent News and science and technology daily jointly launched the “2022, space treasure hunt” activity with China Aerospace Shenzhou media. Combined with the rise of the concept of the current meta universe, relying on the Zhixin chain to provide bottom support, Tencent News launched the Digital Collection Museum online and launched the content of aerospace themed digital collection for the first time. Users have more opportunities to obtain [Aerospace commemorative limited edition digital collection] while feeling the spirit of aerospace.
2022, space treasure hunt
Explore space together and get blessings from space
The universe is vast, and exploration is endless. In this “2022, space treasure hunt” activity, in order to enable users to have a better space “exploration” experience, Tencent News uses VR and mobile phone gravity sensing technology to create an interactive way for users to “search for treasure” in space. Each time users complete a space search task, they can get the opportunity to open the treasure. The treasure is set as cash red envelope, new year transit lucky card New Year gift bag (including Tencent video VIP, physical backpack, Q coin, etc.), and also have the opportunity to obtain [Limited Edition digital collection of aerospace commemoration].
The limited edition digital collection of aerospace commemoration is issued based on Zhixin chain, including a rare edition and four ordinary editions. A total of 18888 copies are issued in five categories. The collection takes the Q version of space image, rocket, spacecraft and other cultural symbols as the main body and integrates the Spring Festival blessing, while the background contains classic space elements such as stars, sun, moon and earth, implying the Spring Festival blessing from space.
Enter H5
Open space treasure hunt
You can have the opportunity to obtain the limited edition digital collection of aerospace commemoration
(and red envelopes for you to get)
The achievements of the aerospace industry have fully demonstrated the great Chinese road, Chinese spirit and Chinese strength. Just as important as spiritual casting is spiritual inheritance. Where the spirit lies is where the blood and strength lie.
China’s rigorous and pragmatic aerospace and daring to climb the peak have become the spiritual code to inspire the new generation of young people to keep their original heart in mind and continue to move forward. Gather scientific and technological forces and write a magnificent chapter.