Frontline exclusive: the byte investment department is facing major layoffs and some employees are transferred


Zhang Yu of Tencent News frontline
According to the news on January 19, following the massive layoffs in HR, the investment department has also started a wave of layoffs and job transfers. The strategy and investment sector is almost facing dissolution.
According to a number of war investors in recent years, the current incomplete information is that Zhao PENGYUAN, the former head of strategic investment in bytecode, transferred five subordinates to the president’s office to be responsible for the overall strategy of the company; Some personnel of the strategy and investment department are transferred to each business line for strategy; Financial investment is facing layoffs or job transfers. However, the final plan is still being finalized, and there will be new changes in the future.
Previously, for byte’s human resources department, byte also launched a round of major layoffs – the overall abolition of a functional department – the talent development center team. According to byte’s internal email, this adjustment is due to the disconnection between the team positioning and the company’s needs; In addition, the skills and experience accumulated by the team do not meet the needs of the company for a period of time.
In the above email, the management reflected on the organization and functions. He said: “from the perspective of organizational competence, we should not only review whether the output of individuals and teams is sufficient, but also review and reflect on whether the ‘function’ itself is valuable and how to give play to its value“
“Some functions are meaningful at a certain stage, but they may not be able to adapt to the development of the company, so they may fail and need to be adjusted; some functions may be valuable in other companies, but they are out of touch with the needs of our company and should not be; there are some functions with limited long-term output, but there are many department management problems, or employees are dissatisfied for a long time, so we should reflect on whether their own functional positioning is questionable Problems, leading to work disorder. It may be more effective to be fat and thin for functions. We should avoid turning the work of some departments and teams into a “family game” over time. ” The above internal email wrote.
However, the reasons for the change of the war investment department are different from those for the abolition of HR, which are more environmental and external factors.
In response to the overall abolition of investment business
Source: the investment business is under adjustment, but not the overall withdrawal