2021 yuancosmos annual report: “yuancosmos rate” has become the scoring scale of the development degree of the industry


In 2021, if there is anything that can attract global attention, the meta universe must be on the list. When you turn on your mobile phone, the information of the meta universe will jump on the “screen”, and discussions about the meta universe in all walks of life will rise one after another. Even some people laugh and say that “everything can be the meta universe”. Although this view is difficult to confirm, it can not hide the fact that the meta universe is very hot.
2021, which has just passed, is called the first year of the meta universe. The concept of the first year is not unfamiliar to us. The first year of microblog, big data and comprehensive live broadcasting. The frequent occurrence and shortening of the emergence cycle of the concept of the first year carry people’s good expectations for new things and new technologies. However, the arrival of the first year of the meta universe seems to have different meanings. The development of meta universe points to the next generation Internet. Its key words at the technical level are subversion and change, and its key words at the social level are innovation and imagination. It provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the relationship between man and media, man and technology.
All walks of life and academic circles have different imagination, definitions and expectations for the meta universe. Paying attention to the meta universe reflects our bottom thinking about “where human beings go”. However, the meta universe is not a passive water without roots. Its development process is always based on the bottom technology and cultural matrix in the past. We hope to radiate a beam of light, Tencent News and the communication department of the school of journalism of Fudan University jointly prepared this meta universe report in order to hesitate to explore the road ahead, answer questions for those with unknown concepts, and measure its foot speed for the development process of the meta universe. Read the full text > >
From the theoretical perspective of Journalism and communication, the report discusses the existing global meta universe practice, which not only echoes the existing meta universe report, but also highlights its own characteristics. It is inappropriate to limit the infinite development of the meta universe with the current limited cognition. We do not expect to define the meta universe, but the meta universe can always reproduce the imprint of human development, pay attention to the evolution history of the meta universe, and measure the “remote presence and immersion” of the meta universe technology with the concept of meta universe rate.
The development of everything is a process of spiral rise and wave advance. The noise of the meta universe needs the common imagination of all mankind to create recognition. In the report, we sorted out the application scenarios and typical companies of the meta universe, peeped into the phased trend of 2022, and explored the disputes and challenges existing in the meta universe, so as to jointly build our common future on the meta universe.
We pay attention to the meta universe, not to the surface phenomenon, but actually to the human society we live in and the impact of human itself, especially technology on the form of human civilization.
Yuancosmos is an ecosystem gradually built by the integration of various technologies
Metauniverse does not specifically refer to a single technology or application, but a 3D space, ecology or environment based on augmented reality, virtual reality and hybrid reality technology. It is not a heterotopia divorced from the real world, but an interaction with the real world. The essence of meta universe technology is “digital twins”, that is, how to generate a rich digital version (avatar) of the real world through various recording media and realize interoperability between the two.
Meta universe rate: the scoring system of meta universe industry
“Meta universe” is embodied in multiple core dimensions (indicators), including computing power, responsiveness, fidelity, immersion, interactivity, user autonomy, digital property protection, digital currency payment, etc. Different companies have different strengths (0-100) or focus on these dimensions (1% – 100%), but they can all be meta universe companies. So there is a “metaverse ratio”. Broadly speaking, cave murals, Dunhuang murals, oral stories, words, dramas, 2D and 3D games are all meta cosmic technologies, but their “meta cosmic rate” is different. The complete metauniverse is a horizon that always retreats. We can approach it in multiple dimensions, but we can never reach it completely.
From science fiction to online games, the future picture of the meta universe is becoming clearer and clearer
Yuancosmos: the second revolution of Internet transmission technology
The concept of meta universe is proposed today by Internet technology from web1 0 to web2 0 to Web3 Natural extension after 0. This includes two great leaps from web 1 0 jumps to web2 0 (leap one), which solves the problem of the Internet from a few people writing to most people reading and writing, and from web2 0 via Web3 0 jumps to leap two, which will solve the problem of content production ownership protection and the transition from symbol dissemination to concrete dissemination.
Diversification and hierarchy of application scenarios: the expansion space of technology and social imagination
The application scenarios of metauniverse can be divided into core layer, technology layer and environment layer. The core layer is the most basic and popular application scenario of the meta universe, which has the characteristics of wide user coverage, high degree of technology realization and closest to life, so as to meet the basic needs of users’ meta universe life; The technology layer is the leading scene of the meta universe, with the characteristics of technological innovation, concept leadership and discourse struggle. It is not only the key field of competition between large enterprises and multinational corporations, but also the important support of the meta universe; The environment layer is a comprehensive application scenario for the development of the meta universe, with complex and ecological characteristics. A large number of “meta universe +” ecosystems have emerged, and the competition for users’ attention has been normalized.
The future development trend of the meta universe: technology and social change are the key coordinates
Various technologies and applications facing the meta universe are still developing rapidly. The prediction of the future development trend of the meta universe can be discussed in combination with technology and social transformation, and the future trend can be sorted according to the degree of the meta universe rate. We predict that in the next few years, the core dimensions of the meta universe will become stronger and stronger, including computing power, responsiveness, fidelity, immersion, interactivity, user autonomy, digital property protection, digital currency payment, etc. it will also be more and more used in manufacturing, urban planning, retail, education, medical treatment, entertainment and social networking.
The concept, technology, hardware, software, content and application of meta universe will face reconstruction and reconstruction

“Everything can be a meta universe” is the main culprit in the development direction of the meta universe
We should be cautious about the excessive speculation of “meta universe”. The concept of “Yuan universe” is due to an dystopia science fiction, which itself easily inspires a kind of “it encourages people to escape from the real world”. This seems to be acceptable in the COVID-19 era, but this is not good for the development of the yuan universe in the post epidemic era. In addition, the investment in new media industry is often driven and distorted by the “hot word economy”, so we should be cautious about the overestimation of some “meta universe enterprises”.
Digital immortality in the post human era: the future direction of Technological Development
The meta universe is an extension of the real world, not a substitute for the real world. It will profoundly affect our cognition of time, space, reality, body, relationship, ethics, work, learning and education. We release information about ourselves to cyberspace through various technologies, and finally realize the mutual replication between users in real space and virtual space. Our digital Avatar has developed into our “digital twin”.
In the future, the meta universe will become an environment that will no longer be talked about like air, water and the Internet. At that time, whether the meta universe was no longer important, but it had become an “Elemental medium”, and we were used to it.
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