New product launch of enterprise wechat 2022: there are more than 180 million active users, and tens of millions of real enterprises are using it


Tencent technology news on January 11, the enterprise wechat 2022 new product launch was held in Guangzhou. Huang Tieming, vice president of Tencent wechat business group and head of enterprise wechat, announced the latest achievements of enterprise wechat: the number of real enterprises and organizations on enterprise wechat exceeded 10 million, the number of active users exceeded 180 million, and the number of active users connected to wechat exceeded 500 million. The enterprise wechat team also disclosed that every hour, 1.15 million enterprise employees conduct 140 million service interactions with users on wechat through enterprise wechat.
Huang Tieming said that the most meaningful thing is not these figures, but the changes in the business mode behind these figures, which makes the enterprise wechat more firmly connected and create value.
In enterprise wechat 4.0, the interoperability between enterprise wechat and wechat has been upgraded again to fully connect with the video number. Enterprise wechat also launched wechat customer service capability to optimize consumers’ shopping experience and deepen collaboration with various modules in wechat ecology. In addition, based on its own synergy, enterprise wechat launched the upstream and downstream connectivity of enterprises to help improve the efficiency of the industrial chain of the real economy.
As an important tool of Tencent industrial Internet, in the new version, enterprise wechat will also integrate Tencent documents and Tencent conferences, jointly launch a new efficiency cooperation function, and officially realize the integration of Tencent industrial Internet efficiency tools.
Close to the consumer market and connect people and services
Despite the baptism of the epidemic, the essence of business has not changed. Consumers begin to expect more effective information access and longer cycle overall services, which also requires new thinking of enterprises and tool products.
Since the epidemic, the passenger flow of offline stores has decreased, and many brand businesses spontaneously choose to bring goods live to expand sales for products. It has also become a shopping habit for many consumers to place orders while watching the live broadcast. The live broadcasting of video numbers will see a considerable growth in 2021. The wechat video Number team previously revealed that in 2021, private domain transactions accounted for more than 50% of the live goods.
As an important product connecting the consumer market within the wechat ecosystem, the enterprise wechat also announced at the press conference that it would connect with the video number. Video numbers begin to have the ability to connect consumers efficiently.
In enterprise wechat 4.0, enterprise employees can associate enterprise video numbers on the personal data page of enterprise wechat. There will also be a shopping guide entrance in the live broadcasting room of enterprise video numbers, and consumers can access it with one click. The two products complement each other and increase the efficiency of brand merchants’ live delivery. Consumers based on enterprise wechat touch will also become long-term assets for merchants’ sustainable operation.
In the new version, enterprise wechat also launched wechat customer service function based on its own connection ability and thinking about customer relationship. As long as the enterprise chooses to set up, consumers can find customer service entrance in the WeChat eco video, official account, small program, search and WeChat payment. In addition to wechat, such as enterprise app, official website and other locations, consumers can also find enterprise customer service with one click.
Based on wechat customer service, no matter where consumers initiate inquiries, the page will jump to their own wechat.
“Service is when customers need it, and interruption is when they don’t need it.” The enterprise wechat team said that behind this concept is the continuous enrichment of the enterprise wechat concept of “people are services”. The new version of enterprise wechat, based on the new consumer Internet synergy, helps enterprises and consumers build a long-term and stable trust relationship and create business growth for enterprises through connection.
Industrial interconnection, integration of upstream and downstream enterprises
At present, more than 10 million real enterprises and organizations have begun to use enterprise wechat. However, more attempts are needed to break the “collaborative black box” among enterprises.
After a two-year visit to enterprise wechat, it is found that the connection between enterprises and upstream and downstream is difficult, which is mainly reflected in the difficulty of finding people, notification and cooperation. In the manufacturing industry, the cooperation information between the main factory and the agent factory lags behind; In the retail industry, there are many contradictions between headquarters and dealers, heavy information barriers and difficult to share digital assets.
Based on the research results, with the newly launched “industrial interconnection” function of enterprise wechat, enterprises can create an address book including upstream and downstream, and add all suppliers and dealers to the address book. Let’s find upstream and downstream contacts as easy as finding colleagues in the company. The address book can also be classified and managed hierarchically to ensure efficiency and privacy.
The communication link between upstream and downstream enterprises is shortened to the mobile phone screen. Front line production personnel can use wechat and enterprise wechat. Pull group communication between the main factory and the agent factory, brands and dealers anytime and anywhere. Any urgent notice, announcement and scheme can be sent to upstream and downstream partners at one click. The application of workbench can also be shared with one click to help partners do business together.
In the survey, enterprise wechat found that only 2% of the small and medium-sized micro enterprises accounting for 60% of China’s total economy can be deeply digitized. Enterprise wechat believes that digitization is not the patent of specific groups, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the capillaries of China’s economy, need digital assistance. At the press conference, enterprise wechat introduced that a factory called smart clothing chain has 30 upstream and downstream industries. After using the industrial interconnection function, the production efficiency increased by 35% and the loss rate of production links decreased by 40%.
Three efficiency tools are integrated, and internal and external coordination is smoother
Since Tencent launched the industrial Internet strategy in 2018, enterprise wechat, Tencent documents and Tencent conferences have been developed and widely recognized by users in their respective fields. At the enterprise wechat 2022 new product launch, these three products were integrated. It can not only help the internal collaboration of the enterprise more smoothly, but also safely and reliably support the real-time communication and collaboration of multiple people across enterprises and software.
After the integration of the three products, they will undertake different division of labor. Version 4.0 of enterprise wechat will be used as an enterprise exclusive “connector” to carry integrated documents, meetings and other native office efficiency tools. It can be freely used not only within the enterprise, but also in the communication and cooperation between the enterprise and upstream and downstream partners, and between the enterprise and wechat customers. Let efficiency be transmitted in the industrial chain.

The integrated version of the document will become a new space for multi person collaboration. While continuing the advantageous experience of Tencent documents, the integrated version of documents is seamlessly connected with the enterprise wechat function. The boundaries of enterprise collaboration are also breaking. People inside and outside the enterprise can be invited to cooperate. From “sending documents” in the past to “adding people” now, documents really become a communication place and cooperation space.
The integrated conference not only makes the internal employees of the enterprise hold meetings more efficiently, but also helps the enterprise communicate more easily with people outside the enterprise through the opening of the enterprise wechat and Tencent meetings. After the cloud recording and minutes function is enabled, the conference content sorting is almost completed automatically. Partners from all over the world make an appointment to save time and effort.
So far, Tencent’s industrial Internet efficiency tools have been officially integrated. It is understood that this joint effort is not a simple opening of the interface, but the result of the deep integration of the bottom capabilities of the three products. In the future, enterprise wechat will continue to iterate with Tencent documents and Tencent Conference team to bring a smoother, more efficient and safer collaboration experience to every employee of the enterprise.
The ecology is more active, so that good products can find the right people
As a platform, service providers are an important force in the enterprise wechat ecology. Over the years, enterprise wechat has long insisted on doing a good job in the bottom connection with an open and cooperative attitude, achieving win-win results with service providers, and helping enterprises complete a key leap in digital transformation.
The demand of enterprises is dynamic. In order to better serve customers and meet customer needs, enterprise wechat announced the launch of three functions of application “fast online”, “fast installation” and “interface square”. Let ecological products quickly go online to the enterprise workbench, delegate the right of product selection to enterprise employees, and let good applications better find customers who need it. At the same time, encourage service providers to form teams and cooperate to realize the value of one plus one greater than two.
It is understood that the total number of all service providers of enterprise wechat has reached 120000, including more than 6000 service providers with excellent performance. Ecological capacity can cover 97 industries, with 1232 unique interfaces related to connecting wechat and 1900 third-party interfaces.
This means that almost all types of domestic enterprises can find support in the open ecosystem of enterprise wechat, and more partners are willing to work with enterprise wechat to provide customers with richer products.
Since the launch of enterprise wechat, the product capability has been continuously iterated. Connect 1.2 billion wechat users, help enterprises keenly perceive the changes of consumer demand, help enterprises form teams, expand capacity for industrial upgrading, and make every effort to realize the integration of industrial Internet and consumer Internet.
Turning to the future, Huang Tieming, vice president of Tencent wechat business group and head of enterprise wechat, said that enterprise wechat will continue to give play to the value of connection, bring efficiency improvement, business growth and collaborative innovation to enterprises through connection, and create a more active ecosystem for service providers. In the future, the enterprise wechat will deepen the interoperability with wechat, and work with the majority of partners to truly deliver value to the enterprise.