After the first-line | fun noodles, Lu Zhengyao’s new venture project entered the field of prefabricated dishes


Lu Zhengyao
Tencent News frontline Tang Yuanyuan
On January 10, Tencent News frontline learned that Lu Zhengyao’s entrepreneurial project tongue tip technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as tongue tip technology) officially announced the launch of home business “tongue tip workshop” to enter the prefabricated vegetable industry. The first tongue workshop “supermarket 3.0” store opened in Beijing on January 10, 2022.
Through the innovation of business model and the application of technology, the company optimizes the cost structure, subverts the customer experience, and fundamentally solves the pain point of “difficult cooking” for consumers.
The tongue tip workshop purchases first-hand fresh raw materials through the origin, processes them into semi-finished products by using advanced technology, freezes or refrigerates them for storage, and transports them to the retail terminal by cold chain. After purchase, customers can easily cook with traditional kitchenware or new kitchenware, which can become a delicious food.
The product forms of tongue tip workshop include prefabricated ingredients and quick cooking dishes to meet the various cooking needs of different consumers.
Among them, prefabricated food materials provide three kinds of food materials with different pretreatment degrees for consumers who have cooking foundation but are troubled by preparing vegetables, including pre cut food materials, basic pickled food materials and deeply processed food materials; Fast cooking dishes focus on consumers with poor cooking skills or limited time. They are divided into instant cooking products and instant hot products.
Tip of the tongue workshop advocates “everyone can easily be a chef”. That is, cooking products standardize Chinese cooking, providing a package of main ingredients, B package of accessories, and C package of cooking sauce. Consumers can cook through simple steps and make a dish in three minutes.
For lazy people, instant hot products have also been developed to make it easier for people who can’t cook and don’t want to cook to eat hot food.
In addition, in addition to the cooking techniques of traditional kitchenware, the tongue tip workshop also provides more innovative cooking schemes, which are suitable for a variety of new kitchen equipment such as air fryer, integrated cooking machine and cooking machine, so that consumers can easily realize “a table of dishes in 20 minutes”.
Because the products of the tongue tip workshop are assembled in a combined way, they can be flexibly combined according to needs, combined with the browsing and purchase of online app, which greatly liberates the display space and storage space of the store. Different from the area demand of traditional display supermarkets, the tongue tip workshop can easily open a shop with a minimum of 8 square meters.
It is reported that the company adopts the franchise development model and fully enables channel partners to develop business, including online traffic introduction into offline stores, new customer development subsidies, venture loan support, intelligent business platform sharing, etc.
The tongue tip workshop has established eight product R & D centers and all over the country, and two flavor tasting centers are led by veteran Liu Yiwei.
Tongue tip technology was founded in August 2020 and headquartered in Beijing. On August 8, 2021, the company launched the business brand “Qu Xiaomian” (later renamed “Qu Bayu”). Lu Zhengyao, founder of Shenzhou car rental and Ruixing coffee, served as chairman of the tongue tip technology strategy committee.