The second anniversary of the launch of the video Number: a number of Creator incentive plans were launched, allowing 10 million original authors to be seen


How to develop the video number content ecology in the next step? What incentives can video creators get? Does the video Number creator have more cash channels? On January 6, these questions were fully answered at the “video Number creator conference” of the pro sub forum of wechat open class.
After two years of development, the video products have been rapidly iterated, and have been able to connect with functional modules such as conversations, friends circles, official account, small program, look, search, WeChat payment, enterprise WeChat, etc., so as to provide a new and comprehensive path for users to accumulate.
The content ecology of video numbers has also continued to enrich, and has walked out of a unique and differentiated development path in the fields of media, music, pan knowledge and so on.
According to the relevant person in charge of the video number, the video number is trying to make the creators feel more gain. In the next year, it will use the mode of cash and flow to let 10 million original authors have flow, let 1 million high-quality creators have income, and give the creators a complete growth system.
Wechat ecological atomic collision, and the consumption depth of video Number users is growing
In the past three months, there have been frequent explosion of live video numbers. More than 27 million people watched the Xicheng boy’s “love across the mountain and sea” online concert, and more than 16 million people watched the concert online on the May antenna.
Such data proves to the outside world that the video number is leading the trend of online concerts. It also proves the ability of the video number to make popular money for the whole people and the replicability of the popular content of online concerts on the video number.
Video numbers have also become standard for news media coverage. A large number of authoritative media have settled in and take the video number as an important position for the voice of mainstream public opinion. During the centennial of the founding of the party, the launch of Shenzhou 12, Meng Wanzhou’s return to China and other hot topics, a large number of authoritative media have been broadcast live on the video number, and attracted tens of millions of users to participate in the live interaction in the video number.
Through a series of planning and operations such as 8:15, creators in the fields of Pan knowledge live broadcasting, intangible cultural heritage, agriculture, rural areas, farmers, sports, talent and drama are also growing in the video number. At the same time, the platform will soon launch a knowledge sharing column to cover more creators of knowledge sharing content.
These achievements come from the deep connection between each module of wechat ecology and video number. It is reported that in the wechat product system, what the video number needs to do is to become the most atomic content component. When it becomes the most basic content component, it will have various chemical reactions with other components in wechat, flow naturally in wechat system, and finally become the best bearing form of video and streaming media live broadcast.
The fusion of video numbers and official account is the most direct manifestation of this chemical reaction. The two complement each other and can build a richer content ecology. In the latest version of wechat, users can see the video of the video number in the subscription number. Share content IP and continue fans’ stickiness.
As the most important basic component of wechat ecological private domain operation, when the enterprise wechat is connected with the video number, the latter also has the ability of private domain operation, which also increases the efficiency of live broadcasting and goods for brand merchants.
Brand live broadcast with goods has also developed its own characteristics in the video number. At the end of 2021, the sales amount of live video with goods increased by more than 15 times compared with the beginning of the year; Private transactions accounted for more than 50%. Buyers in the live video studio also showed strong purchasing power and high stickiness. The average customer unit price exceeded 200 yuan, and the overall repurchase rate exceeded 60%.
Relying on the decentralized characteristics of video numbers, public-private domain linkage has become the business law of businesses in video numbers. More importantly, private domain will become a long-term asset for businesses to operate sustainably.
A number of incentive plans have been launched: let high-quality creators and anchors have traffic, revenue and growth
When the content ecology is gradually enriched, the video number also launched a series of incentive plans to try to precipitate the creators of high-quality content.
The relevant person in charge of the video number said that the video number continues to encourage the entry and publication of authoritative media / institutions and original real-life creators. Focus on the direction of Pan knowledge, pan life and pan information, and focus on the promotion of creators for sports, music, plot, talent and other purposes. However, it will also continue to crack down on all videos that carry, do evil and have bad orientation, and resolutely maintain the content ecology and user experience of the video number.
“We hope more and more smoking, real person original and authoritative media content will join us,” the person in charge of the video Number stressed. The video Number encourages these contents to flow freely in the whole wechat ecosystem, be contacted by users and loved by users, “We also hope to provide them with a complete incentive model from the first day of Creator certification, so that his content can be seen by his fans and people who like him.”
Previously, the video Number launched the “Polaris plan” to try to invite online celebrities who have accumulated fans on other platforms to settle in the video number, and match a certain amount of cash and flow as a reward.
In order to continuously encourage the development of video Number creators, the video Number team announced a more universal creator incentive plan at this conference, so that more creators can have traffic, income and growth.
In the incentive plan, the video Number team has set up a novice support plan, and the short video creators have new traffic packages in the zero powder stage. We will provide graded support to key authors of thousands of fans, thousands of fans and millions of fans, pay attention to their creation and provide corresponding flow support.
For the serious anchor, the video number will also benefit the creator as much as possible. During the creator incentive activities, the platform provides a variety of windows so that the anchor has the opportunity to obtain 70% of the reward income. The reward income is less than 5000 yuan, the platform is free of commission, and the merchant’s live broadcast is free of platform technical service fee. In addition, the video Number team also plans to invest 5 billion cold start traffic packages to help new anchors grow and let new anchors have traffic when they start broadcasting.
For businesses, live video broadcasting also has greater imagination space. In the coming year, the live broadcast of video number will support no less than 100000 high-quality businesses through traffic incentive, and encourage businesses to expand their private domain in the wechat ecosystem. In a single live broadcast, every time the merchant guides a private domain user into the live broadcast room, the platform will match at least one public domain user for the merchant. According to the data performance of the live broadcasting room, it is possible to trigger additional multiple rewards.

In addition, the video number will also plan to allocate special funds to help realize 1 million high-quality creations. In terms of realization method, in addition to the traditional delivery, the video Number team will also focus on building a video Number mutual selection platform to provide a new realization method for more than 10000 fans.
At this stage, the basic operation direction of the video number’s products and content has been clarified, and the product capacity of horizontal connection with wechat ecology has been built. Next, the video number will focus on improving the overall content quality of the platform, creating more value beneficial to users, and making people who provide high-quality content gain more returns.