Snap ar universe: cold knowledge about generation Z that you don’t know!


The snap lens Fest came to an end. At the summit, snapchat presented a new picture in the AR field from technology, creation and ecology. Taking the released new generation spectra as an example, it comprehensively carried application scenarios such as learning, shopping, art experience and games, met the fun and exciting needs of generation Z players and stimulated the imagination of this group of global creationists.
(AR environment in snap new generation spectra glasses)
Behind the popular AR, generation Z seizes the “C position”
Ar has a natural affinity for generation Z. Snapchat has conducted in-depth research on platform users in conjunction with multiple institutions, depicting the group images of current generation Z in terms of social networking, consumption and so on.
The snap consumer AR report previously released by snapchat predicted that by 2025, 75% of the world’s people will become regular ar users, with a scale of 4.3 billion, of which the younger generation will account for the majority. Among the young users of generation Z, snapchat has obvious advantages in both user size and user stickiness, and even dominates the social style of young people in Europe, America and the world.
Generation Z is one of the most important consumer groups in AR industry. Snapchat predicted in the generation Z white paper that their consumption capacity will increase exponentially by six times, from $4670 in 2019 to $3 trillion in 2030. In terms of consumption style, generation Z born with their own creative buff has a high perception of sensory and visual enjoyment. Words have long been unable to meet their social expression. AR and visualization are their ways. Similarly, ordinary advertising can no longer attract them. Only the “out of circle” creativity based on AR technology can catch their attention.
It is noteworthy that generation Z is also the core group of AR creativity. The report “the role of generation Z in shaping the digital economy” released by the Oxford Institute of economics in March this year pointed out that the creativity of generation Z is the core of the AR era. With the help of a series of digital tools such as AR lens, filter, Emoji Emoji, video face changing tool and short video, generation Z has played ar “tricks”. Snap and JWT intelligence also found that 51% of generation Z thought they were more creative than the previous generation.
(some ar filter effects on snapchat)
Generation Z, who is online 24 / 7, what are they doing?
Generation Z is inseparable from the Internet. The environment in which they grow up is full of scientific and technological products. In the report “national youth: global trend of generation Z” released by snapchat in conjunction with the authoritative online consumer research platform global Web index, 97% of generation Z have already realized mobile phone freedom, and more than 64% of generation Z have expressed their dependence on network and social software.
For generation Z, the Internet and social applications are not only a “personality show” for them to express their value proposition, but also a “playground” for them to explore new things and meet new friends. 64% of them like to pursue new excitement, 48% are not afraid of risks and challenges, and 47% of them love fashion. They all want to be the brightest.
It is not difficult to find that this seemingly complex group is actually a group of young people who like to send expression packs, videos and photos, communicate through visual pictures, and are keen on online music, online movies, video games and cutting-edge technology experience.
How do generation Z people who are “not bad for money” recognize the brand?
The rapid development of the digital age has profoundly affected the consumption behavior and choices of generation Z. according to the report of snapchat generation, there are more than 200 million game players on snapchat, of which 82% begin to experience Games due to the influence of people around them, especially friends on social platforms. Nearly 70% of snapchatter said they like to play with friends and family. Planting grass is an important step for the brand. If you want to circle generation Z, you need to find effective social marketing channels. They also show obvious differences in content orientation from “predecessors”, that is, they are more willing to immerse themselves in stories and experiences and constantly look for groups and objects consistent with self-expression.
The research results of brand preferences of 12000 users conducted by Kantar, a research agency commissioned by snapchat, also show that in Australia, 65% of generation Z like to express their identity by brand, while among generation X and baby boomers, this proportion is only 40%. They value the values conveyed by the brand and appreciate the real and non artificial brand stories.
Nowadays, generation Z is showing strong consumption power. The survey shows that although most of them are not yet at the age of full economic independence, 92% of parents believe that their children will directly affect the willingness of family consumption.
Amway generation Z, brand owner “promotion” path
Among many application categories, 92% of generation Z like social apps, which determines that the brand wants to exert influence on this group. Boring words and overwhelming advertisements have long lost their effectiveness. It is more necessary to find a breakthrough point from social and creativity, diversify design creativity and regenerate interactive play methods. At present, more than 100 million people use the AR function to shop, and AR is also having a direct impact on consumption decisions. In snapchat’s consumer ar global report 2021, interacting with products with AR function can increase the conversion rate by 94%. If 3D / AR is provided, generation Z will be more interested in online shopping and have more confidence in buying. More 2 / 3 of consumers say they are willing to place orders quickly after AR interaction with the brand.
The virtual scene created by AR also makes game manufacturers “circle powder”. When Lilith, a famous domestic game manufacturer, went to sea, she established an official account of snapchat, successfully built a variety of filters based on game content and tasks, and recently used snapchat’s powerful ar filter to bring the game experience into the real world.

After Lilith “pick” launched snapchat’s camera creative marketing, the overseas downloads and ROI of her game “AFK arena” have increased significantly. When the social appetite of generation Z is firmly grasped, it will not be a problem for brand owners to successfully have stable “happiness”.