Hanbo semiconductor has completed RMB 1.6 billion B-1 and B-2 rounds of continuous financing


On December 20, Hanbo semiconductor, a chip design enterprise, announced that it had completed the B-1 and B-2 rounds of financing of RMB 1.6 billion. The capital was jointly led by Alibaba group, PICC capital, Jingwei venture capital and Wuyuan capital, and Guoshou science and technology innovation fund, mirae asset (future assets), cornerstone capital Muhua Kechuang Fund (Tsinghua industrial background), as well as the old shareholders Hongdian China, Yaotu capital and yuanmu capital.
The financing introduced Kwai TSE’s second Internet strategic investor, Alibaba. Hanbo said that after the financing, the company will continue to improve the product matrix, including the large-scale implementation of sv100 series product lines (cloud edge AI reasoning and video product lines) in domestic and foreign markets, increase R & D investment in graphics GPU product lines, and begin to layout other intelligent product lines.