Zhou Yuan, CEO of Zhihu: version 8.0 was launched online, hoping to have a better experience in community interaction


On December 13, Zhou Yuan, founder, chairman and CEO of Zhihu, delivered a keynote speech entitled “sense of gain is the greatest common divisor of the development of the content industry” today, announcing that Zhihu 8.0 will be fully launched from now on.
Since the “sense of gain” standard was proposed in May this year, it has become a yardstick to measure the content of knowledge and drive the sustainable prosperity and evolution of the community. Zhou Yuan said that “sense of gain” is not only the common divisor of the development of the content industry, but also the common direction.
It is reported that the internal code of version 8.0 is “exploration version”, which aims to further optimize the user’s personalized experience through various functional innovation and further build a product function and content creation system with “sense of gain” as the core.
Search is one of the core user scenarios of Zhihu. In version 8.0, Zhihu further strengthens the instrumental attribute of search: strengthen the search entry on the home page, shorten the search path, and add the “you search” module to give users a more intuitive personalized search experience.
With regard to hot spots, version 8.0 added the “happening” content module on the home page to strengthen the integration and display of timeliness content through operation and algorithm means.
In order to strengthen community interaction, version 8.0 upgraded the original “follow” tab button at the bottom to “dynamic” button, and added real-time dynamic tracking for concerned users on the basis of retaining the original functions. In addition, the “dynamic” module adds reading filtering and timeline sorting functions to facilitate users’ personalized experience.
Zhou Yuan said that the internal code of version 8.0 is “exploration version”, and users are expected to get a better experience in the two high-frequency scenes of community interaction and obtaining time-effective content. At present, version 8.0 has been launched one after another. At the same time, as the colored egg of this new version iteration, a small number of users will also experience two “experimental” versions of 8.01 and 8.02.
In addition, Zhihu will launch “Zhihu 2021” on December 20, focusing on the theme of “rediscovery”, looking back on the common memory of Zhihu and users in this year from multiple dimensions.