Shangtang Technology: the United States strongly opposes the relevant accusations against China’s hard technology development


Tencent technology news on December 10, 2021 local time, the U.S. Treasury released a news that Shangtang was added to the list of so-called “China’s military industrial complex enterprises”. In response, Shangtang responded: “we strongly oppose this decision and relevant allegations. We believe that the decision and relevant allegations are groundless and reflect a fundamental misunderstanding of our company. Scientific and technological development should not be affected by geopolitics.”
Shangtang is a leading AI software company committed to developing sustainable, responsible and ethical AI technology and applications. We strictly abide by the laws and regulations of relevant countries and regions in all aspects. In addition, Shangtang ethics committee absorbs internal and external expert members to formulate and supervise the implementation of strict ethical standards for the use of artificial intelligence technology, so that artificial intelligence technology can be properly applied. At the same time, Shangtang has extensively cooperated with third-party institutions and international organizations to formulate a series of ethical governance principles for the sustainable development of artificial intelligence, so as to promote the sustainable development of artificial intelligence technology with a responsible attitude.
Full of the desire to “make people’s life better with technology”, a group of artificial intelligence scientists and practitioners founded Shangtang. We will unswervingly continue to practice the mission of “adhering to originality and letting AI lead human progress”, and fully protect the rights and interests of the company and relevant stakeholders.