Baidu official announcement: on December 27, the yuan universe product “Xi soil” will be released


The creator’s city in Greek soil
On December 10, baidu announced that it would release the meta universe product “xirang” on December 27. At that time, baidu create 2021 (Baidu AI Developer Conference) will be held in xirang app.
It is reported that “xirang” app is the first “domestic meta universe” product, which creates a multi person interactive space spanning virtual and reality. Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu and head of xirang, said: “at present, yuanuniverse is still in the very early stage of industrial exploration. Its development is gradual and will be built and mature by the whole community for a long time.”
It is understood that the shape of “xirang” is a mobius ring planet. Urban design integrates a large number of Chinese elements, and Chinese landscape, Chinese culture and Chinese history will be integrated into urban construction and interactive experience. Here, you can not only encounter Optimus Prime and bumblebee, but also visit the millennium old temple Shaolin Temple and compare martial arts with monk Sanbao; You can also explore Sanxingdui and excavate Millennium national treasures; Visit the trisomy Museum and see the trisomy fleet shuttling overhead.
From December 27, every user can create an exclusive virtual image, log in to “xiland” on personal computers, mobile phones and wearable devices, and listen, go shopping, communicate and watch exhibitions. If you wear headphones, you can immediately experience the immersive sound visual effect of 100000 people in the venue; If you turn on the microphone, you can connect the microphone immediately to realize multi person voice communication.