Meituan takeout response system failure: it has been repaired and will arrange compensation for users, merchants and riders


Tencent technology news on the morning of December 9, some users reported that there was a system failure in meituan takeout, and riders were unable to take orders. Meituan takeout responded through the official wechat. The system has been fully repaired in the morning, and arrangements have been made for the compensation schemes of the affected users, merchants and riders.
Meituan takeout said that the fault that morning was caused by the rider’s app technology. The rider was unable to accept the order. After repair, it fully returned to normal at 10:46.
For users affected by the failure, meituan takeout suggests that they can choose to refund independently, and will provide 10 yuan non threshold red envelope for this part of users. In case of failure, the normal meal loss suffered by the merchant will also be borne by meituan takeout.
In addition, meituan takeout will also exempt riders from responsibility for overtime delivery and poor evaluation caused by faults, and compensate riders’ income today through activities such as red envelope rain.