Rhinoceros changed its name to luyousuke, and then obtained more than 100 million yuan of a + round financing, with the exclusive investment of Lightspeed China


On December 1, Xi Jike, an Internet enterprise in the textile industry, announced the completion of a + round of financing of more than 100 million yuan. At the same time, the company announced that it was officially renamed luyousuke. Luyoushuke’s current round of financing is exclusively invested by Lightspeed China, and Zhiyuan capital continues to serve as the exclusive financial adviser. In September, rhinoceros announced that it had completed a round of financing of more than 100 million yuan.
It is reported that this round of financing of luyoushuke (the former rhinoceros Shuke) will be mainly used to upgrade the construction of digital printing and dyeing ecology, accelerate the construction of sales network at home and abroad, expand cross category production capacity, promote the intelligent manufacturing of the textile industry, further reduce costs and increase efficiency, and realize the benign transformation of industrial structure as soon as possible.