Zhang Chaoyang responded to the live broadcast of physics class: he was interested in physics and had a fear of physics in early years


On November 30, Zhang Chaoyang, founder, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Sohu, responded to the live broadcast of physics class today: personal interest, fear of physics in the early years, which has been overcome in recent years.
Zhang Chaoyang introduced that the teaching method “follows” Feynman, an American physicist. “If you really express the mathematical formula completely, the equation is very difficult to solve. Feynman can grasp the most important factors in the physical process and transform them with mathematical formula to let you know at a glance. His teaching method is very successful. I follow Feynman’s teaching method.”
Zhang Chaoyang summarized his original intention of starting the class: first, out of my interest. In the early years, I had some fear of physics. In recent years, I overcame it, and my interest in physics suddenly rose. It’s very interesting to study nature. Pick it up again and talk about a problem every week. The topic is not sensationalism, but your own interest in research.
In addition, Zhang Chaoyang said that this is also a public welfare behavior. Zhang Chaoyang wants to tell you that physical science is very worth learning. “Human beings have accumulated a lot of knowledge for hundreds of years. The most important knowledge in the world is the truth behind almost everything we know now and everything every day. It is particularly interesting to accurately understand it in the form of mathematics. It is particularly worthwhile to understand some physical knowledge in both the physical field and the Chinese field.”
He hopes that the audience of physics class can keep curiosity, “if you still have curiosity, driven by curiosity, understand the mysteries of nature and the truth of our survival in this world.”