Nielsen IQ: “double 11” platform no longer pursues Gmv, and 260 million Z generation will become the main consumer


On November 29, the latest research released by Nielsen IQ, a global monitoring and data analysis company, showed that the “double 11” in 2021 had obvious new changes compared with previous years, which were reflected in time span, channel tendency, consumer categories and so on. In addition to advocating rational shopping and no longer blindly pursuing Gmv (total commodity trading volume), emerging consumers Z generation is rising and will become a new potential consumer group in the future.
Nielsen IQ data show that generation Z in China accounts for about 19% of the country, with a population of about 260 million. About 55% of generation Z are still on campus, and the average monthly allowance of this group of generation Z college students is close to 1680 yuan. Most of the college students of generation Z participate in the “double 11” because of cheap prices and new products, of which 86.9% are attracted by commodity prices. In the selection of commodity categories, they focused on beauty, personal care, food, clothing and other contents, of which 51% spent their monthly pocket money (an average of 1680 yuan) on the “double 11”.