Kevin Kelly: at present, AI technology is not perfect. The focus of human-computer cooperation is education


On November 25, Kevin Kelly, author of “out of control” and former editor in chief of Wired magazine, said at Rong Lianyun’s “new business · new AI” conference recently that AI will not replace human beings, but will cooperate with human beings. The public needs to receive education on AI, which is the focus in the field of human-computer cooperation at present.
Kevin Kelly said that in terms of AI, human beings are facing two kinds of problems. “The first kind of problems are problems when technology is not effective and perfect.” the second kind of problems are a series of problems caused by perfect technology. ” For the former problem, Kevin Kelly believes that it can be solved through market self competition and optimization to find better alternative products. On the latter question, he said that AI needs more learning and innovation. In order to achieve such innovation, more investment is needed. People also have to adapt to AI and receive AI education.