Meituan Research Institute released the Research Report on coffee consumption in Chaoyang District, Beijing: gathering more than 40% of coffee stores in Beijing


Recently, meituan Research Institute released the Research Report on coffee consumption in Chaoyang District, Beijing (hereinafter referred to as the report).
According to the report, as of June 2021, Chaoyang District has gathered more than 40% of the coffee stores in Beijing. There are 909 coffee stores trading on the meituan platform, an increase of 167 over 742 in 2019. The overall number shows an upward trend. The number of coffee shops traded on meituan platform in Chaoyang District accounts for 40.24% of the total number of 2259 in Beijing.
Horizontally, the number of coffee shops owned by 10000 people is basically the same as that in New York, Tokyo and other cities. The number of coffee shops per 10000 people in Beijing is 1.87, which is the same as that in New York (1.86), lower than that in Tokyo (2.78), Shanghai (2.85) and London (3.69).
However, there is still a considerable gap between the current situation of coffee consumption in Chaoyang District and the positioning of an international metropolis. The report points out that most coffee shops are homogeneous stores, and there are few flagship stores, experience stores and factory stores with large scale and high popularity. There is still a lack of boutique forms such as corner coffee and treasure stores with characteristics.
This also means that Chaoyang District has great coffee consumption potential and more investment opportunities in the future. The consumption potential of Beijing coffee market has also attracted the attention of international coffee brands. The expansion of coffee brand chain stores at home and abroad has accelerated. Starbucks, the first “intangible cultural heritage experience store” in China, selected Beijing Huamao store to open on November 10. Almost all the international coffee brands settled in Beijing in recent three years have settled in Chaoyang.