Zhu Jun, vice president of product and strategy, byte beat: he is optimistic about VR / AR technology, but it has nothing to do with the concept of metauniverse


Recently, the popularity of the concept of metauniverse has triggered a rush to register trademarks, hundreds of relevant trademark registration companies, and Pico, its subsidiary, has also applied for the registration of the “Pico metauniverse” trademark. In this regard, Zhu Jun, vice president of products and strategy, responded that the registration of relevant trademarks is mainly to prevent Pico brand from being rush registered for the hype of the concept of “meta universe”, which belongs to protective registration.
Zhu Jun said: “we are optimistic about the future application of VR / AR technology in office, learning, video, entertainment and other fields, but this has nothing to do with the concept of meta universe. We have always been cautious about particularly grand and abstract concepts. Internally, the team is also required to avoid using such concepts and carry out specific work in a down-to-earth style.”
Zhu Jun said that the key to VR / AR is to continue to find good application scenarios, strengthen the research and development of software and hardware algorithms, and improve performance, accuracy and interactive experience.