Tiktok growth is weak, byproduct domestic revenue growth is significantly reduced


The reporter learned from insiders that on November 18, the company’s commercial products department held a general meeting, at which it was disclosed that its domestic advertising revenue had stopped growing in the past six months. It is understood that this is the first time that this situation has occurred since the commercialization was started in 2013.
Advertising revenue is the main source of advertising revenue. According to Bloomberg, advertising will account for 77% of actual revenue in 2020. Now, the growth of advertising revenue has stopped in half a year, or it means that the growth of revenue has slowed down in an all-round way.
The source also said that income from the trembling has stopped growing, while the other tiktok is even at a loss today. Third party data show that the two most important products of the tiktok are the shaking, the DAU of today’s headlines are all growing weak.
It is reported that the company is conducting organizational and strategic review internally, believes that there is indeed a problem of overstaffing in business and organization, emphasizes business innovation and management improvement, desalinates short-term objectives and strives for long-term breakthroughs.