Tiger teeth and ESL have reached a two-year exclusive competition cooperation, covering CS: go, dota2 and other E-sports categories


On November 18, Huya and ESL announced that they had reached a two-year (2022, 2023) copyright agreement on live broadcasting of exclusive Chinese events, and would continue to carry out live broadcasting cooperation in the field of ESL series events covering CS: go, dota2, StarCraft 2 and other E-sports categories. It is reported that the two-year exclusive competition cooperation between Tiger tooth and ESL is also the first time that ESL has signed a multi-year live broadcast copyright agreement in the Chinese market.
ESL (full name: ESL gaming GmbH) is a famous E-sports company in Europe. In the old E-sports fields such as CS: go and dota2, ESL hosts a series of global E-sports events such as IEM (the first global E-sports elite Championship) and EPL (CS: go world famous event). Previously, Huya and ESL had conducted live broadcast copyright cooperation in 2019.