Lucid CEO: in the future, the battery life of electric vehicles will be shorter and family charging will become normal


Tencent technology news on November 9, Peter Rawlinson, CEO of American electric vehicle company lucid motors, recently accepted an exclusive interview to share his views on the future development of the electric vehicle industry, the battle for the supremacy of mileage and the efforts of rival Tesla to independently develop 4680 batteries. Rawlinson believes that the range of electric vehicles may be shortened in the future, home charging will become the norm, and Tesla 4680 battery may not be as big a breakthrough as originally expected.
Lucid motors is known as the “Tesla Avenger”. The company is famous for trying its best to maximize its vehicle range. Its first electric vehicle, lucid air, became the first electric vehicle to obtain the EPA rating of driving more than 800 kilometers per charge. Using the same 2170 battery as Tesla Model 3 and rivian r1t, six air variants of lucid occupy the top six positions in the EPA range ranking, while the best Tesla has a range of about 652km.
Rawlinson does not support the practice of simply using larger batteries to extend the range. For example, companies such as general motors are matching 200 kwh batteries with Hummer electric vehicles with a range of 563 kilometers, or rivian seems to be using 180 kwh batteries for rivian r1t with a range of about 640 kilometers. Rawlinson called this strategy “dumb endurance”, which is definitely something lucid needs to avoid on the air, because this car can reach the leading endurance mileage of similar products with a 118 kwh battery pack.
More interestingly, Rawlinson believes that although the electric vehicle industry is fighting for mileage today, it may not be the case in the future. As electric vehicles become more common, lower costs and home charging become the norm, future electric vehicles may actually require less mileage. “After 50 or 60 years, the range of electric vehicles may be shorter. Psychologically, there will be no longer paranoia about the range and dependence on the public charging network. In any case, home charging is healthier for the battery,” Rawlinson said
Rawlinson doesn’t seem to particularly believe that some recent battery breakthroughs are coming. Taking Tesla 4680 battery as an example, the lucid CEO pointed out that he saw the potential of this technology, but the upcoming battery seems to be more like a victory in packaging than a victory in chemistry. The tight packaging of Tesla batteries allows the use of more active battery materials than the surrounding castings. Finally, Rawlinson pointed out that the idea of 4680 battery as a major breakthrough is just “fantasy”.
“I do think the improvement of Tesla battery has brought many benefits. It will reduce internal resistance, which is a valuable step forward. But people think that 4680 battery will make a major breakthrough, which may become an illusion,” he said
Time may prove or refute Rawlinson’s recent insight into the electric vehicle battery industry. For example, the battery will only get better over time, so there may eventually be a critical point. Even the extremely affordable electric vehicle may have a range comparable to today’s high-end electric vehicle. Tesla’s 4680 batteries may also prove to be a key factor in manufacturing because they are designed specifically to reduce costs.
In the final analysis, the 4680 battery may not be a panacea for the transformation of electric vehicles. However, when they are combined with battery chemistry, dry electrode technology, progressive improvement of structural battery concept and the use of giant castings, they may become the backbone of the next generation of mass market vehicles, which are likely to sweep the world. Tesla’s growth in the next few years may determine the real potential of the 4680 battery, which will be represented by the rise of cybertruck and semi.
Of course, lucid still has a long way to go to pose a competitive threat to Tesla. Tesla’s market value has exceeded $1 trillion and is expected to sell nearly 1 million cars this year. Lucid actually believes that the main target of air is European flagship cars such as Mercedes S-class, rather than Tesla’s model s. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)