Gaoxian robot completed the round C financing of RMB 1.2 billion, and today’s capital and Softbank vision jointly led the investment


On November 10, Gaoxian robot announced the completion of round C financing of RMB 1.2 billion. This round of financing was jointly led by today’s capital and Softbank vision fund, followed by Jinyi capital, oversubscribed by the old shareholder meituan, LanChi venture capital and Yuanyi investment. Prudent capital serves as the exclusive long-term strategic financial advisor.
So far, Gaoxian has completed three rounds of financing in a year. After the completion of the new round of financing, Gaoxian is expected to continue to maintain its overall leading edge in the service robot industry and accelerate the completion of the global layout.
Founded in October 2013, Gaoxian robot is one of the earliest robot companies in the world engaged in independent mobile technology R & D and application exploration.
At present, Gaoxian commercial robot has been used and favored by many real estate properties in batch. The products are sold well in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and the cleaning mileage has reached 150 million kilometers. Therefore, Gaoxian has also created a global “0” delayed after-sales service system in terms of after-sales service.
Xu Xin, founder of today’s capital, said: “today is just the day one for robots to change the world. I look forward to the day when Gaoxian’s machine people can change the traditional service industry through the combination of digitization and robots. We found that Gaoxian has formed an obvious head effect and is more likely to grow into a 100 billion unicorn.”
Cao Wei, managing director of LanChi venture capital, said: “The process of service robots landing in various scenarios on the industrial side has just begun. The digital intelligent service system with service robots as nodes will redefine the future industrial form. Gaoxian team will become the leader of this trend with excellent product technical ability, strong execution and in-depth insight into the underlying logic on the industrial side.”
As the leading investor of round B, Yuanyi investment also continuously followed the investment in subsequent rounds. Pei Yun, its executive director, said: “I’m glad that we have reached a consensus on the certainty of the service robot track. What’s more gratifying is that we have made the right choice in the complex track and supported an excellent team like Gao Xian to grow into a highly deterministic head company. While providing financial support, we will continue to make use of the huge financial + industrial network of Far East Hongxin group in industrial procurement and collaborative marketing In areas such as sales and service mode operating leasing, we actively explore better products and delivery methods with the company, and help Gaoxian continue to move forward to the global service robot leader. ”
Zhu Wenqian, vice president of meituan strategy and investment, said: “The commercial property scene is easy to defend but difficult to attack, which is expected to give birth to a new generation of digital service giants. Gaoxian’s vertical and horizontal cross strategic layout can continue to strengthen Gaoxian’s landing advantage at the scene end, and can rely on the first mover advantage, continue iterative optimization, consolidate competitive barriers, and have the opportunity to achieve phased leaps. In the future, based on the two-way precipitation of scene side and service side, Gaoxian is very promising Lead the service robot to create a new generation of intelligent service platform and build an important infrastructure network for the future intelligent city aiot city. ”
Yang Li D, founding managing partner of Jinyi capital, concluded: “industry supply side (complete manufacturing industry chain, mature AI automatic driving technology) and demand side (aging and epidemic situation) In the context of change, intelligence and automation are the general trend. As the absolute leader in the field of global commercial cleaning robots, Gaoxian has well captured the long-term structural trend of replacing labor with machines and effectively solved the pain points of the industry. Gaoxian has the industry’s top management team, technology accumulation and practical experience, “technology – Product – customer – scale – platform” We firmly believe that Gaoxian will continue to lead the development of the service robot industry and successfully build itself into a world-class platform enterprise. ”
Kentaro Matsui, managing partner of Softbank vision fund, said: “We believe that Gaoxian is innovating the traditional cleaning industry in an efficient and low-cost way. With its perfect products and full stack technical ability, Gaoxian is fully capable of promoting the ground use of independent cleaning robots. We are very happy to cooperate with Cheng Haotian and Gaoxian team to support them in developing and producing cleaning robots that can work with humans.”
Cheng Haotian, founder & CEO of Gaoxian robot, said: “Digital management is the only way for the traditional service industry to resolve the contradiction between manpower and management cost in the future. As the most important node and terminal in digital management, robot is accelerating the intelligent property cleaning and digital management under the background of aging population, high-speed urbanization and normalization of epidemic prevention. In the future, Gaoxian robot will continue to do so From the perspective of industry leaders, formulate standards, build platforms, consolidate barriers, stimulate more possibilities for cleaning services, realize the phased leap of digitization and platform, and finally build an intelligent service ecosystem around the world to make predictions come true and dreams come true. “