Cook’s interview record: I respect musk very much, but I don’t remember talking about the acquisition with him


Tencent technology news on November 10, Tim Cook, CEO of apple, attended the DealBook online summit held by the New York Times on Tuesday and was interviewed by Andrew Ross Sorkin, chief reporter and columnist of the New York Times. In this interview, cook talked about topics that are very important to apple and the technology industry, including Apple’s position on security, privacy and open app store, digital cryptocurrency and so on. The following is a summary of the interview:
About digital cryptocurrency
Cook confirmed in the interview that Apple was studying encrypted digital currency, but clarified that the company had no “immediate” plans to launch any encryption related products. Although cook did not specify in which areas Apple might explore cryptocurrency technology, he did point out that in Apple’s business, he would not consider launching cryptocurrency products in several areas.
When asked whether Apple would consider accepting cryptocurrency through apple pay or other means, cook generally replied that cryptocurrency is “something we are studying.” he then explained that even if Apple is not ready to publicly discuss cryptocurrency products, The company has decided not to invest in cryptocurrencies in some areas. “I’ll describe it as something I won’t do — such as our cash balance. I won’t invest in cryptocurrency — not because I won’t invest my money in cryptocurrency — but because I think investors don’t buy Apple stock to get access to encryption technology. So if they want to do so, they can invest directly in other ways Encrypted digital currency. ”
However, cook did firmly say that the company was paying attention to encrypted digital currency technology, and said that “we must still pay attention to other things”, but said that Apple had nothing to announce at present.
Apple pay’s competitors, such as the cash applications of PayPal, venmo and square, have made moves in the field of encrypted digital currency recently. Therefore, it would be very strange if Apple did not weigh whether to make a similar move. Cook said in the interview that he himself is not opposed to encrypted digital currency. He has been interested in encrypted digital currency for some time, and he personally holds some encrypted digital currency. “I do have some. I think it’s reasonable to have cryptocurrencies as part of a diversified portfolio. By the way, I won’t give investment advice to anyone,” he said.
Cook added that he thought non homogenous tokens (NFTs) were interesting, but thought it would take some time for them to spread in a way that mainstream people were interested in.
About musk
Back to the end of 2020, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said that when Tesla was in trouble, he wanted to contact cook to discuss Apple’s acquisition of Tesla and let him serve as CEO of apple, but cook refused. Cook previously denied that he had communicated with Musk on this matter, but “I admire and respect the company he established.” cook reiterated in an interview on Tuesday: “I’ve never talked to musk. Maybe we can buy many companies at different times. But I feel very good about our situation today. Although I don’t remember contacting Musk on the acquisition, he said he did, so I believe he did.”
On sideloading
As the scrutiny and tension around the app store and how users download and install apps on the iPhone intensified, Cook said in an interview on Tuesday that users who want to sideload apps should consider buying Android devices because the experience provided by “iPhone” improves their security and privacy to the greatest extent. Sideloading refers to not downloading software through the app store, Instead, the application is installed through a third-party platform.
Cook said that users have made a choice between a safe and protected platform or an ecosystem that allows side loading. “I think people have this choice today. If they want side loading, they can buy an Android phone.” cook compared side loading to car manufacturers selling cars without airbags or seat belts, saying it was “too risky”.
Sideloading will allow users to directly download and install applications to their “iPhone” from the open Internet, which has become a hot topic in recent months, and cook is now involved. Earlier this week, Craig federighi, senior vice president of Apple software engineering, said that sideloading is “the best friend of cyber criminals” , he stressed that if users are allowed to freely install applications anywhere on the network, it may bring them danger.
In a paper published in October, apple shared some facts about the security and privacy of “iPhone” relative to the Android ecosystem. In the paper, apple said that research shows that Android smartphones are subject to 15 to 47 times more mobile malware attacks than those against “iPhone”. This is closely related to sideloading, “the paper added.
About user privacy
In terms of privacy, cook was questioned in a recent report. The report disclosed that Facebook, Google, snapchat and other companies lost nearly $10 billion in revenue this year due to Apple’s app tracking transparency feature. The feature requires developers to obtain their consent before tracking users. Cook declined to comment on specific figures, but reiterated Apple’s recognition Privacy is a basic human right.

Cook said: “I don’t know much about this, so I can’t prove these data. But I think from our point of view, privacy is a basic human right. The user should decide whether to share data. So what we’ve been doing is to hand over the power to the user. We’re not making a decision, we just simply prompt them whether they want to be tracked in the application. Of course, Many of them decided not to do so and never wanted to do so, but they had no choice before. So I felt very good and I got good feedback from users on their choices. ”
On Apple tax
Apple faces many investigations and struggles around the world about the app store. Among them, South Korea is most likely to make great changes. Last month, the country passed new regulations prohibiting platform owners from restricting developers from using a single payment method when paying in the app.
The in app payment method currently adopted by Apple’s App Store allows the company to obtain a 15% to 30% revenue share, which is the so-called Apple tax. Cook said on Tuesday that Apple has only reduced the Commission and never increased the Commission. Nevertheless, if the new law of “app store” comes into full force, it will be an important turning point. “App store” is under a single set of global regulations Then, any change in one jurisdiction applies to all developers around the world.
On mental health
In the interview, Cook said that Apple has the responsibility to become a force for the good in society, including mental health. Although more research is needed, Cook said, “all of us should care about making products that help people’s mental health, not products against it.” He used the screen time feature as an example of Apple’s fight for mental health, saying he had changed his behavior based on the iPhone usage data tracked by the feature.
When asked if he thought the time spent on social media was generally negative, Cook said it depended on this person. “I think it’s bad if users slide the screen unconsciously or let themselves be entangled by negative emotions. I think it’s bad for users’ mental health and the people around them,” Cook said Cook said that Apple’s role is only to provide users with information to make wise choices.
About future products
During the interview, cook was asked about several rumored Apple product plans, including the future hardware plan of augmented reality or virtual reality, and the long rumored “Apple car”. Cook said he would not share any information or comment because Apple didn’t like to talk about the future, and said “if we don’t hide something, it won’t be us.” (compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)