Tencent Music Entertainment Group has reached a global cooperation with apple music


On November 9, Tencent Music Entertainment Group (hereinafter referred to as “TME”, NYSE: TME), China’s online music and audio entertainment platform, announced that it had reached a music licensing agreement with Apple Music and would carry out the global distribution and promotion of licensed music works through TME music cloud. This agreement will not only bring high-quality music content of domestic brands and creators to Apple Music users worldwide, but also enable music users all over the world to further appreciate music culture and music categories with unique Chinese characteristics, help the international development of Chinese musicians and further enhance the global influence of Chinese music.
All along, TME has accumulated and created a large number of high-quality new music content with industry partners through advanced technology and rich industry resources. On the other hand, it has also attracted and helped hundreds of thousands of Chinese musicians realize their music dreams through Tencent musicians’ open platform. The music licensing cooperation with apple music will boost the overseas dissemination of more high-quality Chinese music content and continuously realize the global value of music works.
As a new global music distribution platform launched by TME, TME music cloud will also provide global and channel distribution services for many cooperative brands and creators in the future through core functions such as “content self-service management”, “online distribution and promotion”, “royalty revenue settlement” and “music data insight”. At the same time, with the help of TME music industry chain resources and Tencent’s social ecological advantages, Provide all-round assistance to content creators in content production, creative publicity and commercial realization.