Wentai Technology: Delta Guangzhou has entered the key stage of resumption of work and production, and Zhuhai Base will also be put into operation


In November 8th, the official account of Wen Tai Technology announced that the company’s Delta technology Guangzhou park has entered a critical stage of resumption of production, and has achieved the basic requirements of specific customers from various aspects such as market efficiency and efficiency. In addition, Zhuhai Base will also be put into operation in the future, and the production capacity will be greatly improved.
Guangzhou delta is an asset acquired from oufeiguang by Wentai technology this year. It previously supplied optical modules to apple. The acquisition was jointly funded by Wentai technology and Gree venture capital at a ratio of 7:3. The two sides established a joint venture in April as the main body for the acquisition of Guangzhou Delta. As a result, Zhuhai has introduced the key project of photoelectric Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park.