It is said that the new round of valuation of US $20 billion is mainly based on the increase of holdings by old shareholders


On November 8, some media reported that xiaohongshu had completed a new round of financing, with a post investment valuation of more than US $20 billion, led by Temasek and Tencent, followed by old shareholders such as Ali, Tiantu investment and Yuansheng capital.
In this regard, xiaohongshu said: “the company’s current round of financing is mainly to increase the holdings of old shareholders. Thank the shareholders for their support and trust all the way. Xiaohongshu team will continue to maintain its original intention, adhere to the ‘upward’ values, actively fulfill social responsibilities and create social value.”
According to the data released by the third-party platform Analysys, as of August 2021, xiaohongshu had about 160 million monthly live users, an increase of 97% over January 2020 (early 2020) and 110% over the same period last year.