Xiaomi Lu Weibing: Xiaomi’s home will open to 30000 in 2-3 years, and is preparing to sell cars


On the afternoon of November 3, Lu Weibing, partner of Xiaomi group, President of China and international department and general manager of redmi brand, accepted the media interview to interpret Xiaomi’s new retail strategy.
After Xiaomi home just broke through 10000 stores, Lu Weibing put forward the new retail goal of 30000 stores in 2-3 years. Lu Weibing said that 30000 stores can basically cover the Chinese market. Xiaomi hopes to spend two to three years to complete this short-term goal, which is also very clear internally.
Lu Weibing believes that the new retail of Xiaomi you see today is far from exerting its power. When Xiaomi home reaches 30000 stores, the sales volume based on mobile phone business will certainly exceed that of friends. Xiaomi should use 30000 stores in the future to surpass the coverage of 200000 stores in today’s friends’ offline market.
Lu Weibing revealed that Xiaomi home will open more big stores in the future, which is also to sell cars.