Tencent Zhong Xiangping: build a smart transportation network to help build a new engine for the development of digital economy


Tencent technology news on November 3, 2021, Tencent digital ecology conference with the theme of “digital real integration and new opportunities” was held in Wuhan. As a typical scenario of digital real integration, intelligent transportation travel is also an important landing field of industrial Internet. Zhong Xiangping, vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent smart transportation and travel, said at the meeting that Tencent will comply with the collaborative development trend of smart car, smart transportation and smart city, build a smart transportation travel network based on digital technology, realize “one map, one cloud and one yard”, promote the efficient operation of transportation logistics and contribute to the efficient governance of the city, Realize the sustainable development of society.
Zhong Xiangping, vice president of Tencent and President of Tencent smart transportation and travel
Since the “14th five year plan” and the release of the transportation power strategy, building a modern and high-quality national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network has been included in the national key plan from 2021 to 2035, and the transportation industry has ushered in a major opportunity period of industrial transformation. Under the framework of social digital governance, smart transportation and smart city construction complement each other. It not only includes the application deployment of technology and products, but also requires a common technology base and multi-party linkage ecological operation of the industry.
In the past, transportation was industry centered. With the upgrading of transportation mode and the expansion of people’s travel radius, the future transportation needs to be built around people’s needs. Zhong Xiangping said that Tencent adheres to the role of “digital assistant” and is a co builder of intelligent upgrading of transportation industry. In the fields of intelligent network connection, urban transportation, smart rail transit, smart high-speed, smart civil aviation, smart port, smart logistics, etc., Tencent focuses on its core capabilities such as “map, cloud and code”, relies on cutting-edge technologies such as digital twins, and provides digital solutions through user service, ecological connection and other capabilities, so as to help people enjoy their travel and material flow.
The following is the transcript of the speech:
Dear leaders, distinguished guests, media friends, Hello!
I’m Tencent Zhong Xiangping.
The theme of this year’s digital ecology conference is digital real integration and new opportunities. As the pioneer of new infrastructure, the transportation industry is also the most typical scene of digital real integration. Under the tide of industrial Internet, digital technology and transportation industry are deeply integrated, and smart transportation has become the core base of smart city construction.
Throughout the history of transportation development, transportation travel is not only the comprehensive bearing of energy, communication and engineering technology, but also an important indicator of the construction level of human civilization. For example, Wuhan, the seat of today’s conference, is known as the thoroughfare of nine provinces. It has been the core hub of inland transportation in China since ancient times. Wuhan has a number of large-scale enterprises such as shipping, railway, automobile and steel. With the growth of new China, Wuhan plays an important role in the history of China’s transportation and industrial development. Our partner, Dongfeng Motor Group, is a typical representative. Now it has bravely established the tide of digital economy and become a pioneer in the integration of digital and real development.
As a digital co builder of industrial upgrading, Tencent continues to integrate AI, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, as well as user connection and service advantages to help the intelligent development of the transportation industry. Today, I also want to share some thoughts on Industrial Development in combination with our practice.
We believe that smart cars and smart transportation are the aorta of smart city development and an important support for the digital economy. Smart transportation needs to be deeply integrated into the top-level design of smart city. Based on digital technology, it can achieve “one map, one cloud and one yard”, help the efficient governance of the city and the sustainable development of society, accelerate the efficient operation of enterprise organizations, and bring everyone a more pleasant travel experience.
First, relying on the top-level design of smart city, the intelligent upgrading of transportation needs to be carried out on a digital global view to form a “one map Overview” of the whole industrial link.
Under the guidance of the 14th five year plan and the transportation power strategy, China is accelerating the construction of a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network to support the development planning of smart cities. On the one hand, transportation development has helped the continuous expansion of China’s metropolitan agglomeration and the rapid aggregation of industrial clusters; On the other hand, urban economic development puts forward higher requirements for transportation development planning; To solve this series of problems, we need to rely on the coordinated development of vehicles, roads and cities.
In the past, transportation was industry centered and developed in railway, highway, intercity, urban and other fields. With the continuous expansion of people’s traffic radius and the diversification of travel modes, the future traffic needs to be constructed centered on people’s needs, and ultimately to create a convenient, efficient, safe and green travel experience for people, so as to realize that people enjoy their travel and materials are superior to their flow.
Therefore, we believe that the future transportation development needs to establish a digital overall map of the city from the perspective of urban planning and construction, connecting various data such as transportation vehicles, road networks, transportation hubs and energy. This map will connect online and offline, from plane to three-dimensional space, reflect the real-time relationship between people, things and location, and provide a more efficient resource matching method for the connection and flow of people, logistics and information flow.
At present, Tencent is helping the urban and traffic management departments to build a smart city base, gather data elements such as location, perception and application, form a digital twin computable space, realize a map overview of urban planning and governance, and help the management of government affairs in multiple fields to be more accurate, collaborative and efficient. On this map, the data will open up the cooperation between people flow, logistics and the IOT of roads, buildings, security and other facilities through unified standards, improve the operation and service capacity of transportation facilities and hubs, and then promote the efficient operation of urban transportation.
Second, the sustainable development of the transportation industry depends on the continuous improvement of operation services. The Industrial Synergy of ecology and services needs “one cloud co construction”.
Thanks to cloud computing, 5g and other technologies, the development of transportation industry can realize the real-time connection and refresh of people and vehicles in the cloud. The purpose of the new transportation infrastructure is to make the transportation infrastructure have the perception ability and make the information between the transportation operation and management systems unimpeded. On this basis, we build a digital twin city in the cloud, which can be perceived and calculated in real time, provide a more accurate decision-making basis for traffic dispatching operation, connect more closely between various links, match supply and demand more accurately, and provide user services more timely.

At present, China is accelerating the promotion of intelligent network technology and application, and building a vehicle road cloud integrated collaborative control system, which has created new opportunities for the development of automobile and transportation industry. Tencent is in-depth cooperation with a number of car companies to provide cloud navigation map services in line with the scene of people and cars driving together. Meanwhile, Tencent is in-depth cooperation with Tianjin Xiqing, Shenzhen Pingshan, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and other places to build a pilot area for vehicle networking and build a demonstration platform for automatic driving, vehicle road coordination and intelligent transportation. Through the continuous improvement of cloud traffic information monitoring and road network operation perception system, real-time dispatching management, crisis early warning and emergency support are realized to provide the public with an efficient, safe and green traffic environment.
Not long ago, we released a smart high-speed solution to push real-time road condition information to the affected vehicles through the cloud in case of dense fog, heavy rain or traffic accidents ahead, and carry out traffic flow scheduling control through traffic signs to improve road capacity and safety. Tencent’s transportation operating system scheme is also actively exploring the interconnection between transportation infrastructure and application services to achieve co evolution in the cloud.
Third, the final realization of people-centered intelligent transportation requires “one yard access” to open up the scene and connect seamlessly, so as to bring users a more efficient, convenient and pleasant experience.
People now travel in the airport, railway station or bus subway. They can pass quickly by swiping their ID card and code. With the continuous integration of the real world and the digital world, everyone will become a digital node, running through various services with a fixed ID. We hope to continue to give full play to Tencent’s connectivity, so that the traffic can be more smoothly connected between various scenarios, and users can pass one yard.
In our exploration of eco car networking and travel services, we have established an ID to allow users to enjoy coherent services between mobile phones, car machines and other terminals. Tencent travel service applet connects various scenarios such as public transportation, self driving and shared travel with one ID, and provides multiple services such as ride code, real-time bus query and car life. At present, it has connected more than 300 ecological service partners and served 270 million users. At present, Tencent bus code has also landed in more than 180 cities across the country, covering a variety of means of transportation. You can take public transport all over the country on business.
With the digital assistance of one map, one cloud and one yard, we hope to work with our partners in the field of transportation to build an intelligent transportation network, serve our common users, and realize the flow of people and goods.
At the upcoming travel and transportation sub forum, we will also show the iterative upgrading of our scheme, build an ecosystem of vehicles, roads and networks on the basis of map and cloud, and help the whole link digital upgrading of automobile enterprises and the management and operation service upgrading of multiple scenarios such as urban transportation, expressway, rail transit, civil aviation and port. We hope to continuously improve our technology and capabilities, help the digital upgrading of individual organizations in the industrial chain, accelerate the digital connection between upstream and downstream, and actively promote the co construction of industrial ecology.
In the face of social development, changes of the times and environmental changes, it is an important mission of the transportation industry to improve transportation efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Making people’s travel and material circulation more efficient and service experience more comfortable is also the core value of digital upgrading of transportation. Let society develop sustainably and improve people’s quality of life, which is our original intention and the same goal. I hope to work with all partners. Thank you!