Tencent announced three self-developed chips for AI computing, video processing and high-performance networks for the first time


Tencent officially disclosed the progress of chip research and development for the first time.
On November 3, at the Tencent digital ecology conference, Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent and CEO of cloud and smart industry business group, revealed that Tencent has long-term chip R & D planning and investment for scenes with strong business demand, and has made substantial progress in three directions.
(Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent and CEO of cloud and smart industry group)
Specifically, the three chips that have made progress are Zixiao for AI computing, Canghai for video processing and Xuanling for high-performance networks.
It is understood that the most remarkable feature of Zixiao AI reasoning chip is to optimize the chip architecture by combining scenes such as picture and video processing, natural language processing and search recommendation, sealing hbm2e memory and AI core with 2.5D packaging technology, and adding computer vision CV accelerator and video encoding and decoding accelerator inside the chip, It breaks the bottleneck restricting the computing power of the chip.
Canghai transcoding chip has completely realized all mainstream coding tools such as high-precision motion search, full rate distortion optimization and efficient adaptive quantization, and integrated the leading technologies of Tencent cloud software encoder rate control; At the same time, Canghai can also effectively meet the requirements of high throughput, low delay and real-time through flexible multi-core expansion architecture, high-performance coding pipeline, hierarchical memory layout and other technologies.
In the MSU 2020 world codec competition, Canghai’s self-developed hardware video encoder was realized 1080P@60Hz Finally, it won the first place in the evaluation of various objective indicators such as SSIM (structural similarity), PSNR (peak signal-to-noise ratio) and vmaf (video multi method evaluation fusion), as well as the first place in the subjective evaluation of human eyes.
Xuanling intelligent network card chip is positioned at the performance acceleration of virtual machine, optimizes the chip architecture in combination with scenarios such as CVM / BM / container, moves the virtualization, network / storage IO and other functions originally running on the main CPU down to the chip, and realizes the 0 occupation of the main CPU.
Qiu yuepeng, vice president of Tencent, COO of cloud and smart industry business group and President of Tencent cloud, further introduced in his speech that the performance of Tencent AI reasoning chip Zixiao has improved by 100% compared with the industry. At present, it has been successfully streamed and lit up smoothly; Support the Canghai video transcoding chip with hardware encoder winning the world coding competition, and the compression rate is more than 30% higher than that in the industry; At the same time, the intelligent network card chip Xuanling developed by Tencent has improved the performance of products in the industry by four times.
(Qiu yuepeng, vice president of Tencent, COO of cloud and smart industry business group and President of Tencent cloud)
“Chip is the core part of hardware and the core infrastructure of industrial Internet.” Tang Daosheng said that Tencent will always actively explore and make long-term investment. In addition, Tencent will always seek to maintain in-depth strategic cooperation with chip enterprises at home and abroad through the mode of ecological co construction, combine the customization ability of chips with the customization ability of software, obtain the best performance and cost performance, and ensure to provide customers with more diversified and more suitable choices.
Previously, Tencent cloud has launched Xinghai server in-depth cooperation with a number of chip enterprises. Xingxinghai fully combines the rich scene characteristics of cloud computing, supports full platform and multiple scenes, and achieves the highest overall performance in the industry. Not long ago, Tencent cloud launched China’s first cloud server product series for large-scale application of 100g super network, and its underlying hardware support is also Xinghai server. Over the past year, the scale of Xinghai has increased by 400 times, becoming the fastest-growing server product in the industry after it was launched online.
In the field of chips, Tencent also made many moves before. According to public information, Tencent also invested in cloud AI chip enterprise Suiyuan technology. At present, Suiyuan technology has released the second generation AI chip and is expected to be mass produced by the end of this year. Tencent also established Penglai laboratory focusing on chip research and development in 2020, aiming to achieve full coverage of chip end-to-end design and verification.