Facebook whistleblower: Zuckerberg should step down as CEO and new leaders need to pay attention to user safety


Tencent technology news on November 2, Frances Haugen, a former employee of the company who leaked a large number of internal documents to expose the Facebook (now renamed meta) scandal, said on Monday that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, should resign.
In an interview with media reporters on the same day, hogan pointed out that although Zuckerberg holds the vast majority of the voting rights of the company, the shareholders of the company should be able to choose who will be the CEO. “I think Facebook will become stronger if someone is willing to pay attention to security issues,” she said
Zuckerberg obtained the vast majority of voting rights through Facebook’s dual ownership structure, which gave him strong control over the development direction of the company, and made it virtually impossible for the board of directors or radical shareholders to force him to quit the company. Zuckerberg never said he intended to step down soon. So far this year, the company’s estimate has increased by nearly 21%. So far, a Facebook spokesman has not commented on Hogan’s remarks.
This is Hogan’s best effort to call on Zuckerberg to resign from the leadership position of the company founded in the university dormitory nearly two decades ago. Hogan has repeatedly said that she decided to disclose Facebook’s internal documents because she cares about and believes in Facebook and its ability to change. But she also said: “I don’t think the company is likely to change if Zuckerberg continues to be CEO. I hope he can see that there are too many good things he can do in the world. Maybe this is an opportunity for others to take power.”
Hogan said she still believes Zuckerberg can grow. “Making mistakes doesn’t make him a bad person. But it’s unacceptable to continue making the same bad mistakes after you know they are all mistakes. So I believe he can change,” she said
At the Facebook connect developer conference held last Thursday, when confidential documents were exposed by the media and informants accused the company of “putting profits above the public interest”, Zuckerberg, who was in the vortex of public opinion, announced that Facebook was renamed “meta” to reflect the company’s growing ambition to surpass social media.
However, Zuckerberg later said that it was considered that the leaked documents caused Facebook to fall into a vortex of public opinion and the company name was forced to change to meta, which was very “absurd”. As Facebook’s annual hardware event, the connect developer conference is mainly related to hardware devices such as portal video devices and oculus helmets. The new name “meta” comes from the science fiction word metaverse to describe the vision of the new company to work and play in the virtual world. Zuckerberg said in his keynote speech that the word “meta” comes from Greek and means “beyond”.
Hogan expressed his views on the renaming of Facebook to meta. She said: “Facebook has chosen to expand in new areas again and again, rather than staying on what it has done. I think it is unreasonable that when reading through the exposed documents, it clearly points out that Facebook needs more resources on a very basic security system. Instead of investing to ensure that our platform is the minimum security level, they invest in video games Facebook announced last month that it would create 10000 new “meta universe related” jobs in Europe.
Hogan left Facebook in May this year. Later, she provided the Wall Street Journal with thousands of internal documents to prove how the company realized that it had caused polarization in many countries, leading people to fall into a flood of misinformation. The latter wrote the Facebook archives After that, Hogan’s lawyer provided these documents to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Congress.
Last month, congressional staff provided edited disclosures to more than a dozen news organizations. These documents show that as Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg sometimes refutes, plays down or fails to disclose the findings of the company’s impact on its products and platforms.
The documents also provide details of the role of social media platforms in inciting attacks on the U.S. Capitol, including “anger” by Facebook engineers Facebook’s emoticon response paid extra attention and pushed more emotional and provocative content into users’ dynamic messages. In a previous statement, a Facebook spokesman criticized articles based on these documents, saying they were based on “wrong premises”.
At present, it is generally believed that Facebook’s rebranding and linking with the hardware of the virtual world and the “meta universe” are carried out in a broader effort to divert people’s attention from the company’s disclosure that its platform is causing a series of social harm. Zuckerberg said in his keynote speech last Thursday: “From now on, we will start with the metauniverse, not Facebook.
Today, our brand is so closely related to a product that it can not represent what we do today, let alone the future. As time goes by, I hope we are regarded as a meta universe company, and I hope to position our work and identity on the goal we are building. “(compiled by Tencent Technology / Wuji)