Apple co-founder gushes iPhone 13: it’s no different from the previous generation


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak
Tencent technology news on October 30, apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said recently that he found that Apple’s iPhone 13 released last month was almost indistinguishable from the previous generation of products.
“I got a new iPhone, but I can’t tell how it’s different from the previous generation,” Wozniak said. “I think the applications in iPhone 13 also apply to the old iPhone.”
Although some commentators criticized that the new features and improvements of the iPhone have stagnated for many years, the iPhone 13 series has still received a very positive response on the whole. However, even the positive evaluation of the product shows that there is no fundamental change in the iPhone 13 compared with the previous generation of iPhone. Technology media CNET wrote in a commentary: “The iPhone 13 series is a pleasant upgrade to the already great iPhone 12 series last year. Some people will be disappointed because it is not fundamentally different from the previous generation, but it is actually part of the charm. Familiarity has always been one of the keys to Apple’s success on the iPhone. The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are reliable friends who seem to never change.”
The latest generation of iPhones, including the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini, went on sale in September. According to apple, the new device has longer battery life, higher camera pixels and stronger durability. “I’m worried about size and size… But I don’t study it,” Wozniak said. “I’m just interested in whether the product is good or not.”
Wozniak, the creator of the first generation Apple Computer apple I, co founded apple in the 1970s. Before he left apple in 1985, he was one of the company’s main technicians. This is not the first time Wozniak showed a lack of passion for the newly released iPhone. In 2017, he told media reporters that the iPhone x would be the first one he did not release The iPhone device he bought on the same day. This is different from usual – in the past, he upgraded the iPhone on the first day of the new iPhone.
Wozniak said at the time: “I’d rather wait and watch. I’m satisfied with my iPhone 8. It’s the same as iPhone 7 and iPhone 6. For some reasons, iPhone x will be the first iPhone I didn’t buy on the day of release. But my wife will upgrade on the first day and I’ll have a chance to see it.”
Apple’s share price fell 1.82% on Friday, and its market value was surpassed by Microsoft, giving it the title of the world’s most valuable listed company. According to Friday’s closing price, Apple’s market value was about $248 million, more than $10 billion lower than Microsoft’s market value of nearly $249 million.
Apple reported on Thursday that its fourth quarter revenue did not meet Wall Street expectations due to supply chain constraints. Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive, estimated the revenue gap at $6 billion. He also expected the supply chain problem to be more serious in the quarter ending December.
However, according to the data of market research company, because Apple can better deal with the global chip crisis than other mobile phone manufacturers, the company is eroding its competitors’ smartphone market share. The data of counterpoint, IDC and canalys show that higher iPhone shipments helped Apple increase its global share by at least 3 percentage points in the third quarter.
Although the production of iPhone 13 was hampered by the closure of factories in Asia and high demand in the second half of the year, apple survived the supply crisis better than many other companies because of its huge purchasing power and long-term supply agreements with chip suppliers.
According to the report of the market research company, because consumers were attracted by the price reduction of the iPhone 12 series and the faster processor and higher pixel camera in the latest iPhone 13 device, while Apple’s market share increased in the third quarter, the market share of smart phone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and Xiaomi declined to varying degrees. (compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)