Why does FB have to be renamed meta? Xiao Za said so in an interview


Social media giant Facebook announced that it was officially renamed meta, and Zuckerberg became the CEO and chairman of the new company.
2. Different from the founder’s choice to retreat behind the scenes after Google was restructured into alphabet in 2015, Zuckerberg said he had no intention of giving up the top position.
3 meta will introduce a unified account system to cover all social applications, oculus quest helmets, portals and other devices in the future.
4 Zuckerberg said that he has been considering renaming the company since he acquired instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014.
The change of name shows the social media’s determination to enter the meta universe. Zuckerberg believes that the meta universe is the future of the Internet.
Tencent technology news on October 29, at the annual connect Conference on Thursday, US local time, social media giant Facebook announced that it was officially renamed meta, and Mark Zuckerberg became the CEO and chairman of the new company. Reshaping the brand is to show the social media giant’s determination to enter the meta universe, because Zuckerberg believes that the meta universe is the future of the Internet. After the reorganization, Zuckerberg still controls everything in the new company. He admitted that unlike the resignation of the founder of Google after its reorganization into its parent company alphabet in 2015, he had no intention of giving up his top position.
Zuckerberg said he was determined to change the name of the company because he recognized that changes had taken place within the company. Zuckerberg has always invested a lot of money (at least $10 billion this year alone) to build metauniverse. He said: “I think we are basically changing from ‘Facebook first’ to ‘metauniverse first’. Although there are few details about the reorganization, meta will introduce a unified account system to cover all the company’s social applications Oculus quest helmet, portal and other future devices. This means that people no longer need a Facebook account to use quest.
Zuckerberg revealed that he officially launched the restructuring plan more than six months ago, but the matter has always been kept confidential. A small number of employees involved must sign a separate confidentiality agreement, and Zuckerberg resolutely refused to disclose the company’s new name. He said he had been considering re branding the company since he acquired instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014, but earlier this year he realized it was time to make a change.
“I think it’s very confusing and embarrassing to make the company’s brand one of the social media applications at the same time. I think it’s helpful for people to establish a relationship with a company. This relationship is different from that with any particular product and can replace all these relationships to some extent,” Zuckerberg said
Zuckerberg knows that the timing of this brand reshaping is questionable. In the past few weeks, the company has been criticized for internal documents provided to the media by a former employee named Frances Haugen. Facebook is probably the most watched company in the world, and its brand has deteriorated in the eyes of young people. For many critics, keeping the company’s brand and Zuckerberg away from the name Facebook will be seen as an escape strategy.
According to Zuckerberg, the name change has nothing to do with the current bad news. “Although I think some people may want to establish this connection, I think it’s absurd. If there’s any difference, I don’t think this is the environment where you want to introduce a new name,” he explained.
As a concept, the meta universe is not new, but it was not pushed into the mainstream dialogue until Zuckerberg began to talk about it openly earlier this year. This concept originated from the dystopian novel avalanche in the 1990s, in which people fled the tottering real world and were completely immersed in the virtual world. Although Zuckerberg admitted that the origin of the word was a myth “Scam”, but he is trying to reposition the meta universe as a utopian idea, which will open up a new virtual commodity and service economy.
Zuckerberg believes that in the next decade, most people will spend their time on a fully immersive 3D version of the Internet, including not only hardware such as meta quest, but also devices made by other companies. Zuckerberg is promoting his team to build relevant technologies, hoping that one day you can appear as a full-body avatar in the virtual space, or in your life Friends living all over the world show their holograms in the real world living room.
Zuckerberg is careful not to disclose details, but he believes that cryptocurrency technologies such as NFT and smart contract will play a “very important role” in the metauniverse. He said: “People will have a big question about the virtual goods in the meta universe, that is, ‘can I really have this thing?’ or just be satisfied that someone can take it away from me in the future? Considering that we have to try to bypass all the pressure of the censorship system, I am quite sensitive about it, especially what is harmful and when you must hinder people from expressing something Things. ”
The software that supports Zuckerberg’s optimism about the future of the meta universe is called horizon, which is my world At the intersection with roblox, it also provides a work collaboration application. Next year, meta plans to launch project Cambria, a high-end hybrid reality device that can be previewed on connect. It mixes virtual graphics with the real world and presents them in full color. It will have face and eye tracking functions to achieve more realistic avatars.

Meta is also building ar glasses called Nazar é. Although they will take several years to appear, for Zuckerberg, they may be as widely used as today’s mobile phones. The idea is that unlike VR helmets that will take you out of the real world, Nazar é looks like a pair of ordinary glasses. The display screen can cover the world around you. “These products are becoming less and less like the social media products you think today. I think it’s important to have a different understanding of this,” Zuckerberg said
It is unclear whether renaming meta will achieve Zuckerberg’s goal, but there is no doubt that it is a bold move. The company is facing the challenges of new social media competitors, stricter government regulation and a new generation of potential users who believe that its core applications are no longer fashionable. Metauniverse provides Zuckerberg with a new and potential development direction. Now it needs to start working.
The following is a complete interview with Zuckerberg:
Q: can you explain why you want to rebuild the brand?
Zuckerberg: at a high level, we have introduced the changes of market segments in the latest financial report. Therefore, we now regard our business as two different market segments: one for social applications and the other basically for future platforms. Our idea is that the meta universe we are building is not about any of these market segments. Facebook reality labs is not undertaking the construction of the metauniverse. It runs through all this. Metauniverse involves future platforms and social experiences.
Therefore, we hope to have a new brand identity. As people say, it is consistent with the future vision we are trying to achieve. There is a higher-level brand identity goal, and then there is a more technical and functional goal. A higher-level goal is to make Facebook an iconic social media brand. And we’ve done more and more for it. People think we are a social media company, but our view of ourselves is that we are a technology company that builds technology to help people connect with each other. We think this makes us different from other companies because everyone else is trying to study how people interact with technology, and people can continue to interact while we develop technology.
For us, it’s never just social media, and we’re going beyond that more and more. It feels like bundling the company’s brand with the concept of social media and a specific product we build there, because our instagram and WhatsApp are becoming more and more important and feel that it can cover everything we are doing. Therefore, we want to change this and make it more representative of the vision we are moving towards.
From a more practical and technical point of view, I think it would be very confusing and embarrassing for the company’s brand to have the same name as the brand of one of its social media applications. When people want to log in to their quest, we want them to log in with their Facebook account, because we want the company to have a unified identity or account system. Google and apple have done very well in this regard, and Microsoft has done so.
But for us, the problem is that if you log in to quest, WhatsApp or instagram with a Facebook account, I think people may be confused: “do I log in with my facebook company account or bind to my social media account?” people are also worried about Quest: “If I don’t want to use Facebook, or something happens, my account is disabled, will my device be frozen now?” this is a concern I don’t think people should have. People also worry: “If I use this account to log in to instagram, or if I use it to log in to WhatsApp, does this mean that my data will be shared here in a way I don’t want?”
I think it’s helpful for people to establish a relationship with a company. This relationship is different from that with any specific product and can replace all these relationships to some extent. So from a functional point of view, I think it’s very important to have it. When I looked forward to launching products like Nazar é a few years ago, these products are becoming less and less like you today I think it’s important to have a different understanding of this.
When I thought about the best time to try to change, I suddenly realized that the sooner the better. That’s why we’ve been on this path. We’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Earlier this year, I officially launched this project. That was more than six months ago. But we’ve been working inside the company for a long time on whether we should do so I have been working closely with Alex Schultz since he became chief marketing officer.
Q: is there any functional reorganization in the way the company publishes the report? Or is it more just about the brand?
Zuckerberg: there are changes in financial reporting and department reporting. This is the power of the brand. After all, there will be a new account system. We will not take the adjustment of the company’s organizational structure as a part of it. This may be something I will consider in the future, but I don’t think it will happen in the near future.
Q: you said you officially started this thing about six months ago. Is this a response to the brand burden and brand tax sometimes mentioned inside Facebook, just trying to keep a distance from it? Or is it really more like looking forward to the future? I have to imagine that it is a mixture of the two.

Zuckerberg: we took action long before this bad news cycle. I think the current leak has nothing to do with it. Although I think some people may want to establish this connection, I think it’s a little absurd. If anything, I don’t think this is the environment where you want to introduce a new brand.
I think sometimes you just need to move forward. These brands have many different aspects and attributes. Obviously, people attribute all these good and bad attributes to social media, especially Facebook. I think since instagram and WhatsApp joined, we have had some conversations within the company. Just like in 2014, we have become an application family. It is obviously inappropriate to name the company after one of the apps. When I think the main thing we are doing is related to social media, I never really think about it, because Facebook was and still is an iconic social media brand. Therefore, it’s always a little strange for me to have a brand that should represent social media and let Facebook out of this position and put other things in it. And I’m not sure what to do.
But now I think the next chapter we are ushering in will be clearer. I know many people will have problems like yours. To what extent are we moving towards the future or escapism? I think what I can say is that it’s really important for me personally that we are moving towards a goal. This is our vision for the future. We are very excited about it. We are committed to it. We are really working for it. If it wasn’t my feeling about what we were doing, I wouldn’t want to do it.
I know people can attribute it to many different reasons. Obviously, doing different things has different advantages and disadvantages. But this is a basic touchstone for me. I won’t let us do this if I don’t feel very strongly about our brand foundation and how we will move forward.
Q: if you focus on the future and try to reposition the company’s image in Silicon Valley and where you recruit employees, do you think it will also help internal morale and recruitment?
Zuckerberg: I think it’s an interesting question. My guess is that it will help some people, but it may be different for some people. So I’m not sure. Since I hinted that I wanted us to become a metauniverse company and be treated in this way, we have had a dialogue for months. What I want to say is that overall, the internal view on this is quite positive, and I think more people are very excited about it.
But I think it’s also important for our team, and frankly, it’s also important for me that we continue to focus on becoming the best social media application. Many people come to Facebook today because it’s what they want to do. I think it’s really important for people to pay attention to this in the future. Billions of people use our products, and we need to make sure we continue to do it well. But I do think it should be exciting. I think, generally speaking, the best people want to participate in major missions. I certainly think that as the next chapter of the Internet, metauniverse will make many suitable people very excited. We are clearly positioned as a company with the most ambitious vision, the most sincere commitment and investment in the whole field.
Q: is part of this to change your role in the company in the next few years? For example, five years later, do you still think you are CEO and chairman?
Zuckerberg: I think it’s possible. I don’t have a specific date for how long the project will last. I think I can say that I am very excited about the next chapter of what we are doing. So I really want to do it.
Q: because you know, you will have alphabet as a comparison.
Zuckerberg: Yes, I think this is a reasonable question, but it is more to show our commitment to this vision, focus on this vision, and establish a new brand structure for the company, so that all people who use our products can establish a relationship with the company independent of their individual applications. I’m very excited about what we’re building. And I’m young and energetic. But it is certain that at some point, I will not continue to manage this company. However, this is not the real problem.
Q: does it sound like you’re suggesting that everything will have a new unified account system?
Zuckerberg: you will have a Facebook account and an instagram account, and you will have an account in the highest level company. That way, if you don’t want to use Facebook, you don’t have to. Here’s an interesting analogy. I think we’re basically changing from “Facebook first” to the first “metauniverse first” company. I think it’s like Microsoft changing from “windows first” to “cloud computing first” to some extent.
Because the company’s brand is Facebook, there are many subtle ways to flow through Facebook and Facebook applications, which may not be the best. Obviously, of all the apps we use, Facebook is still the most used app. But some people just want to use WhatsApp, or just want to use instagram, or just want to own quest and enter VR or ar without using these things.
So I think it’s about being able to choose the services you want to use, and knowing that no matter what happens to your Facebook account or instagram account, you will still have all the content you buy in VR or all your virtual goods. You can set a avatar, which can be bound to one of the accounts, or only to your overall identity in different application families. You can use it in all these places if you like. I bet that would be great.

Q: is the promotion of the whole metauniverse also related to work for young people and teenagers? Children like roblox and fortress night. Is that part of it?
Zuckerberg: that’s not the main part of it. I really think it is important to clarify this point. When I talk about our main users here, we are talking about young people aged 18 to 29, not teenagers or children. But like college students and graduates, they are our solid foundation in history. In general, they are still a strong foundation. But I think that as more and more people use all our products, we should not ignore this, which is really important.
The median age of people who use our products will get older. When we try to provide better service for everyone, I just want to ensure that the quality of service for young people will not decline. What I basically tell each team is that no matter what you are doing now, whether you are doing push ranking, building groups or designing scrolls, videos or marketplaces, especially remember what is most important for young people. Suppose someone is building a marketplace, what young people need to buy and sell may be different from the style of the elderly. Therefore, I think the product will change in this direction, but there will be many different ways.
Of course, this also applies to everything we will do in the meta universe, but many of the things we are talking about may be closer than the meta universe. I think our work on the meta universe in the next few years will be very exciting, but I think there is too much basic work to be completed. I think real progress will not be made until 2025 at the earliest.
We are facing fierce competition from tiktok and IMessage, especially now, and some other services that have existed for a long time, such as youtube and snapchat. But tiktok and IMessage are growing at an incredible rate. Therefore, I think that in terms of our focus on applications, especially Facebook and instagram, I think it will be a more important thing in the next one to three years. However, I think that the work of the meta universe will be a little further, and can actually contact a large number of people.
Q: I’m thinking about the term meta universe, which originated from avalanche. Will you be worried about the dystopia it describes and the things related to this term? A little funny is that it originated from people trying to escape the real world and enter the virtual world, because the real world is collapsing. Have you ever thought about this when you want to devote yourself to this field?
Zuckerberg: the description in the book must be a “scam”, but I think it goes far beyond that. Obviously, the whole environment around this book is negative. But I don’t think the reality is the same. I also believe that with the development of these technologies, they have different connotations and metaphors. I would be very surprised if almost everyone’s main association with the meta universe in five years is about the virtual reality originally mentioned in the avalanche. What it means to people will be determined by all use cases and what people can do with them.
In fact, I’m interested in seeing how people first viewed the Internet. People call it “information superhighway” and so on. None of this is super negative, but it’s quite strange compared with what we think today. I think these things are always more dynamic. I don’t want to be afraid to use this most clear and logical term to match what we are building because of some people’s negative criticism. It will have more meaning.
Q: what interests me at the connect conference is that you talked about cryptocurrencies and new forms of governance in the meta universe. Are you trying to support NFT? I’d like to know your view on this and your overall view on smart contract?
Zuckerberg: I have nothing to announce right now. But what I want to say is that for the projects we have done around Novi, I really think we are the most forward-looking technology company in this field. So obviously, we are very interested in it, generally support this field, and think it will play an important role in the future.
People have a big question about virtual goods in the meta universe, that is, “can I really have this thing?” or “this is just something someone can take away from me in the future?” considering that we have to try to bypass all the pressure of censorship and what is the definition of harmful things when you have to prevent people from expressing something. All this has become more sensitive. When people have money and ownership, they pay for something. They just really want to know that their things won’t be taken away.
I do think this is a very important role, whether it’s people’s current view of NFT or just a way to realize the right of decentralization in the meta universe. I don’t think there will be only one system. But I do believe that there is an important area in this regard that needs more decentralization. As more of our projects become more mature, we will have more topics to talk about in this field.
Q: I wonder if you think Facebook faces so much censorship because of how it controls the flow of speech, which people sometimes don’t like. Or because it is so top-down, people have little say in its operation mode or its ability to make money on the platform? I think a lot of media censorship is based on the assumption that you haven’t stopped enough bad things. Or, in more extreme cases, any bad situation means that the platform is completely evil.
Zuckerberg: I really think, generally speaking, the past five years have been an important learning period for me and the company. There are many problems. We have to focus on building more complex programs, whether it’s about building an artificial intelligence system to actively identify and take action against all these different kinds of harmful content, or building a stronger privacy program, and more encryption, all these different things.

Many of them are things we cared about in the early days of the company, and some related projects, but after 2016, we really put many of them into practice. I think some of the reasons are due to censorship, and then we began to reflect. Now, in general, I am very proud of what we have built in these areas. To strike a balance between freedom of speech and trying to deal with harmful content, I think it is a thorny issue. It is impossible to do both perfectly. I think the ideal answer may not be completely in one direction. This is to try to balance it. So you didn’t make anyone particularly happy in the end. But I’m really proud of what we did there. This is an industry-leading effort. I think any rational person will admit this. Its investment and results are far more complex than any other company.
But still, when you talk about building a new ecosystem, I just think it would be better to build these things from the beginning this time. We take this very seriously. Therefore, what is a matter of principle. Privacy is a very important issue, as is security, especially if you are in such an immersive environment. You want to be able to say, “Hey, this person is disturbing me. I need to get out of here as soon as possible, or I want them to disappear in front of me.” so with all these different motivations, we basically want to embed it on its basic level. Interoperability is another reason. Today, the level of interoperability of mobile Internet is disappointing. So I hope we can do better in the future.
One thing I’ve been talking about for years is building these platforms around people rather than applications. I really think that if this system is like a concrete Internet, then the atomic unit is your avatar and your digital product. Different applications are not completely different things, they are just different spaces you can transfer to.
In my opinion, as long as you establish the correct standards from the beginning, this architecture should be fundamentally easier to achieve interoperability, rather than the most basic unit is the application, as in today’s mobile platform. Our assumption is that each application is a completely different environment, and each application is built from scratch. So I really think how you design these things to make them more people-oriented, more or less inclined to this. We will wait and see. But I think it might be better to try to build these things from the front. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)