Jing Kun, vice president of Baidu group, resigned as director of Jimi Technology


On October 28, Jimi technology announced that the company recently received the resignation report submitted by Mr. Jing Kun, a non independent director nominated by Beijing Baidu Netnews Technology Co., Ltd. Jing Kun applied to resign as a director and a member of the strategy committee of the company for personal reasons. After his resignation, he will no longer hold any position in the company. Jingkun does not directly or indirectly hold shares in the company.
According to public data, Jing Kun is currently the vice president of Baidu group, the general manager of Baidu intelligent life business group (SLG) and the CEO of Xiaodu technology. He has successively served as the chairman of the product Committee of Baidu search company and the chief product architect of big search. Before joining Baidu, he served as the chief R & D director of Microsoft, responsible for the R & D of Microsoft Bing search Asian market, and was also the creator of Microsoft Xiaobing.
Baidu is the second largest shareholder of Jimi technology, with a shareholding ratio of 9.88%, second only to Zhong Bo, founder of Jimi technology. In 2017, baidu venture capital led the investment of Jimi technology in round C financing for the first time.