Front line | exclusive: huolala hires CCB international and Bank of America as sponsors or delivers the form in Hong Kong at the end of the month


Luo Fei, author of Tencent News frontline, from Hong Kong
On October 25, Tencent News frontline learned that cargo Lala, a freight platform, recently decided to hire CCB international and Bank of America as sponsors for its listing in Hong Kong, and may submit its listing application in Hong Kong as soon as the end of this month. Tencent News frontline has not been able to determine its specific delivery time.
This is also the first large-scale project sponsored by CCB international in recent 2 years. According to the data, CCB international participated in 17 IPO projects this year, ranking fourth among Chinese securities companies.
Kuaigou taxi, a competitor of huolala, also submitted an application for listing in Hong Kong on August 28 this year.
According to the data of qixinbao, huolala has raised 8 rounds in the past six years, totaling US $2.46 billion, equivalent to about 15.7 billion yuan. In January 2021, huolala announced that it had completed the round f fund-raising of $1.5 billion less than a month after it had just completed the round e fund-raising of $550 million in 2020. The leading investor in the latter round was Hillhouse capital, which was reportedly valued at US $10 billion at that time.
A person familiar with the matter who once participated in this round of fund-raising told Tencent News frontline that bank of America was the fund-raising consultant of huolala round F. at that time, the market was very interested in the investment of huolala, and some institutions even didn’t get the fund-raising amount of huolala.
Shortly after the cargo Lala announced the completion of fund-raising, in February 2021, an incident about “a 23-year-old girl jumped out of the window and died in the cargo Lala car” attracted attention.
Subsequently, on the evening of February 21, huolala released the description of Changsha user jumping event, which said that on February 6, Changsha user car lady made an appointment on the platform to move and jumped on the way with the car that night. The order service driver Zhou immediately called 120 for medical treatment, and later car lady died due to ineffective treatment.
According to the official website, huolala was founded in 2013 and mainly provides local express and cargo transportation services. Its main customers include catering industry, decoration engineering, furniture, retail and other industries. As of May 2021, the business scope of huolala has covered 363 cities in mainland China, with an average of 620000 monthly live drivers and 8 million monthly live users.
As of press time, huolala, Bank of America and CCB international could not be contacted for comment.
The specific financing situation of huolala in the past is as follows: