Huawei announced the goal of house wide Intelligence: 5 million units in five years


On the morning of October 23, Huawei released a new house wide intelligent solution based on harmonyos, proposed three major upgrades on the basis of the original solution, and called on developers, merchants and sales partners to join Huawei’s house wide intelligent ecosystem.
Shao Yang, Chief Strategic Officer of Huawei consumer BG, also announced the new goal of Huawei’s whole house intelligence, “our goal is to work with industry partners to achieve 5 million sets in five years.”
Shao Yang said that before October 30, 15 Huawei whole house intelligent authorized experience stores will be officially opened in China, covering 15 cities such as Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha, Wenzhou, Hefei, Chengdu, Nanjing and Fuzhou. It is expected to complete the construction of 50 + cities and 50 + stores by the end of this year.