Listening to the voice of the most loyal users, apple fixed these most annoying problems on the laptop


Tencent technology news on October 21, before Monday local time in the United States, apple last made a major upgrade to MacBook Pro in 2016 and launched several future oriented features. The 2016 MacBook Pro is equipped with a universal usb-c interface, which can connect the display and peripheral devices; The “Butterfly” keyboard is configured to make the device thinner; In devices with Intel processors, there is a long and narrow touch bar at the top of the keyboard.
Apple’s new MacBook Pro obviously cancels all these features. MacBook Pro has important strategic significance for apple, because programmers can only develop iPhone applications on the Mac, and picky programmers tend to choose the most powerful machine they can find. But Apple’s professional laptops are expensive, starting at $1999, and some configurations cost more than $6000.
These new models have helped solve users’ long-standing complaints, indicating that Apple has indeed listened to users’ feedback, especially from programmers and other professional users. Facts have proved that Apple’s last re upgrade of MacBook Pro was not popular among picky users, resulting in flat or negative annual growth in 8 of every 10 quarters of its MAC business from 2017 to 2020.
Not long after Apple redesigned in 2016, expensive laptops had problems. Users complained:
– you need an expensive adapter to plug in the mouse or thumb drive, and you miss Apple’s older MagSafe interface very much. If someone trips over the power cord, it will skillfully disconnect;
— the butterfly keyboard is unreliable, and the keys will be stuck due to debris or dust. Apple is still repairing the disc keyboard for free, and even faces class action litigation;
– Apple MacBook Pro with Intel chips is easy to heat up and uncomfortable to use on the thigh;
— users and developers have never accepted the touch bar. The touch typist complains that you need to look at it to select the button.
Apple’s latest laptop looks more like the MacBook Pro before 2016:
— continue to use the usb-c interface that has become the industry standard, but an HDMI port is added next to the three ports of thunderbolt usb-c to connect the display and an SD card slot to download photos from professional cameras. In addition, it is now charged using a magnetic MagSafe connector;
— Apple re uses the magic keyboard, which is a more traditional design and has received positive comments;
— Apple no longer uses Intel processors in its new notebook computers, but chooses independently developed chips. The design of this chip is more energy-saving and will not waste energy due to heat dissipation. The new design also supports the setting of notebook computers and improves air circulation;
— the new Mac does not have a touch bar. Instead, it is a traditional function key that can control screen brightness and media playback, as well as an exit key that is very important to programmers.
From Apple’s perspective, the biggest upgrade is the chip used in the new 16 inch and 14 inch MacBook Pro. They use the M1 chip independently developed by apple, which is now called M1 pro or M1 max, rather than the Intel or AMD chip used by windows PC.
Apple chips improve the battery life of their shipped computers, such as the 13 inch macbook pro and MacBook Air. Although the ultimate speed of laptop processor is still in contention, it is clear that Apple chip has performed well enough in sending e-mail, browsing the web and even playing games.
However, users who do not care much about the internal structure and specifications of the computer may find that the new design does not depend on the technological progress in the past five years, but there is more reason to upgrade than the number of transistors of M1 max (recorded as 57 billion).
Since Apple began upgrading its laptops with new keyboards and chips, the MAC Division has been booming, with sales of $26 billion in the last three quarters. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said it was the company’s “best three quarters” in Mac’s nearly 40 year history. Even before Apple released the new MacBook pros, sales increased by nearly 33% a year in the same period.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak is partly attributable to the increase in sales of Apple products, but it is also driven by the launch of a new computer with reliable keyboards and strong battery life. Apple now extends this strategy to its high-end computers and to magnetic charging and interfaces for connecting displays.
Despite these improvements, the 2021 MacBook Pro may still cause controversy among MAC loyal supporters. The computer has bangs or an iPhone like Jack to accommodate the laptop’s improved 1080p webcam. This is a very controversial design initiative that may distract users’ attention.
Apple is expected to continue to improve its laptop products, especially in models with low cost and large sales. Both the MacBook Air and the 13 inch MacBook Pro are equipped with Apple’s M1 chip, but the current two models have no magnetic charger or HDMI interface, and the 13 inch MacBook Pro is still equipped with touch bar. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)