Xiaobing team talks about the technology behind “Hua Zhibing playing and singing video”: not just AI face change


Recently, Xiaobing’s team responded to the “Tsinghua Virtual Student Hua Zhibing was questioned about the face change of real AI”. Responded that the body video template in Hua Zhibing’s singing video came from the caviar video of Xiaobing’s team members, which had been announced in advance, and the above sources were also indicated in the on-site press conference and video.
However, Xiaobing team added that Hua Zhibing’s singing video belongs to the super realistic video production line product in Xiaobing’s press conference. The new product technology realizes the virtual generation of non-existent face and sound technology, so as to achieve more accurate visual interactive content and avoid the use of any real human face, not just AI face change.