Apple releases a new MBP: bangscreen + new processor, starting from $1999


Tencent technology news in the early morning of October 19 Beijing time, apple held a new product launch, and a new generation of MacBook Pro was officially released. In addition to being equipped with a new M1 processor, the screen turned into a banged screen as rumored, starting from $1999.
The new MacBook Pro has 16.2-inch and 14.2-inch screen sizes respectively. It uses miniled backlight technology and supports promotion for the first time. It can achieve a dynamic refresh rate of 120Hz. It can run with a brightness of 1000 nits and a peak brightness of 1600 nits, which is the brightest screen ever used in Apple notebooks.
As rumored, this generation of MacBook Pro has a number of appearance adjustments. First, the overall fuselage is more round, especially the corners and other parts;
Secondly, touchbar was finally abandoned by apple. This generation of MBP used entity keys to replace touch bar;
In order to achieve a larger screen share, this generation of MBP adopts banged screen, which narrows the frame by 24% and improves the resolution of the camera to 1080p;
The last is the interface. Both Mbps have three thunderbolt 4 interfaces, an HDMI port, an SDXC card slot and MagSafe 3 magnetic suction charging port.
In terms of core hardware, the new MacBook Pro is naturally equipped with a new M1 Pro processor, with 16GB memory and 512gb and 1TB hard disk.
In addition, the 16 inch MBP also has an emperor version, equipped with M1 Max processor and 32GB + 1TB memory combination. The implication is that if you want to experience M1 max, you must choose the 16 inch MBP top configuration of the emperor version, or add money to upgrade the processor. The domestic price for upgrading M1 max with 14 inch basic version will add 4000 yuan, and that for upgrading M1 max with 16 inch basic version will add 1500 yuan.
In terms of endurance, apple gives the continuous video playback duration of the new MBP. The 14 inch version supports 17 hours of continuous playback and the 16 inch version supports 21 hours of continuous playback. At the same time, the new MacBook Pro supports fast charging for the first time, which can charge 50% of the power in half an hour.
In terms of price, the 14 inch MacBook Pro costs $1999 and the 16 inch MacBook Pro starts at $2499.
In addition, Apple also announced at the press conference that the next version of its MacOS software, MacOS Monterey, will be launched as an official update on October 25.