Why did blue origin send Captain Kirk into space? Because Bezos is obsessed with Star Trek


Tencent technology news on October 14, local time on Wednesday, William Shatner, the actor of “Captain Kirk” in Star Trek, entered space in a spaceship of blue origin and returned smoothly. Shatner was selected to go into space partly because Jeff Bezos, the founder of blue origin, was particularly obsessed with Star Trek series and was very interested in space exploration.
“Get me on the ship, Jeffrey,” William Shatner, the “Captain Kirk” actor, probably had these words in his mind when he went into space on a new Shepard space rocket of blue origin, a space company under Jeff Bezos, on Wednesday. It only took Shatner more than 10 minutes to rise to an altitude of 66 miles (about 106 kilometers) from the ground, and then return to the earth smoothly.
For the troubled blue origin, this is a smart public relations move. Recently, some employees claimed that there was a toxic culture in the company, which made the origin of blue criticized.
From a public relations perspective, only the first manned flight of blue origin can be comparable to this flight. At that time, the 82 year old aviation legend Wally funk accompanied Bezos into space. This time, the 90 year old Shatner became the oldest person ever to enter space.
However, this choice may be for Bezos’ personal reasons. He was really interested in the Star Trek series and mentioned it again and again in the interview. Besos’s pet dog Kamala is also derived from this science fiction.
When did Bezos begin his infatuation with Star Trek? What impact does the film have on him?
How did Bezos become interested in space?
Bezos fell in love with exploring the universe before falling in love with Star Trek. As a child, his grandfather was an engineer of the American Atomic Energy Commission. They will watch the space launch together and both like science fiction.
“Star Trek is the easiest work to understand, but it means more than that,” biographer Brad Stone said in an interview.
In his graduation speech from high school, Bezos quoted a line from star trek in his last sentence: “space, the final frontier. Meet me there.”
After entering Princeton University, Bezos continued to be infatuated with the popular culture of Star Trek and integrated the serious work of professor and physicist Gerard O’Neill into his own ideas. O’Neill predicted that humans would live in a space station orbiting the earth. Stone said that after graduating from college, Bezos also held an interactive party for his friends to watch Star Trek: the next generation.
Space has always been an important part of Bezos’s life.
When did he fall in love with Star Trek?
In 1966, just two years after Bezos was born, Star Trek premiered, with Shatner playing Captain Kirk. In the fourth grade, Bezos first came into contact with the TV play and immediately fell in love with it.
In an interview in 2016, Bezos said, “when I was in fourth grade, my friends Dean and Kyle and I played Star Trek almost every day. They also lived in Houston, Texas, only a few houses away from my home.” “We’ll argue about who will become Captain Kirk or Spock. We have a phaser and triaxial meter made of small cardboard, which is actually very interesting.”
The shadow of this TV play can be found in Bezos’ work and life. In addition to naming his dog Kamala, Bezos also named zefram Cochrane, who invented the warp engine in his work, a company he controlled.
Bezos discussed how the TV series and his love of science fiction inspired him to create blue origin. Star Trek also played an important role in the birth of Amazon echo.
“Our vision is that in the long run, it will become the computer in Star Trek. You can ask it anything, let it do things for you, let it find things for you, and talk to you in a very natural way,” he said. “The original inspiration came from the computer in Star Trek.”
Who is Bezos’s favorite character?
If you ask Alexa, the digital assistant in Amazon’s smart speaker, who is the best captain in Star Trek, it will answer, “Captain Picard is my favorite of all captains in all galaxies.”
Bezos felt the same way, and he shared this with actor Patrick Stewart, who plays captain Picard.
Although Captain Kirk was chosen to go to space, Bezos never avoided himself and preferred captain Picard. In March 2018, Bezos said on his personal social media shortly after walking along the red carpet with Stewart at the Oscar ceremony, “Kirk or Picard? Picard!”
It is reported that Bezos almost named Amazon “makeitso. Com” with Captain Picard’s password.
In fact, “over time, Bezos and Picard are more and more alike in appearance.” in 2019, it was reported that “like Captain Picard played by Stewart, Bezos finally shaved off the residual hair on his head and had a strong physique like Captain Picard.”
Has he really been in Star Trek?

in truth. Bezos once played an alien Starfleet officer in Star Trek beyond, which was released in 2016. He called the film his “wish list” on his personal social media.
“For years, I’ve been asking Paramount Pictures to star me in Star Trek,” Bezos said in 2016. “I’m very persistent. You can imagine the call the director received: ‘you have to put Bezos in your Star Trek movie.'”
Bezos said that he can not be recognized by the audience, but if he wants to have a chance to speak, the scene is very important to the plot of the film so that he will not be edited out.
In the first five minutes of the film, Bezos plays an alien Starfleet officer stationed at the star base in York town in 2263. When karala asked brigadier general Paris and Captain Kirk for help, Bezos warned her, “speak normally.” Bezos’s guest role also needed makeup so that he could only drink water with a straw.
“He’s great,” said director Lin Yibin. “There is a large entourage! But it doesn’t matter, because Bezos is very involved. We shot three different scenes on this day, and he had to stay all day. But he was very successful every time.”
What other science fiction does Bezos like?
Although Star Trek is Bezos’s favorite science fiction, it is far from his only favorite science fiction. As a child, Bezos collected all the science fiction works of Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. Now, he also reads some science fiction works of new trend writers.
Amazon studios, Amazon’s film and Television Division, has always focused on making science fiction films. Most notably, Amazon studio saved the TV series “vast sky” that was supposed to be cut off.
What Bezos wants to do is not just make reusable rockets, but rekindle people’s interest in space. ”
According to relevant reports, Bezos decided to create blue origin after watching the inspirational film October Sky about NASA engineer Homer Hickam. At that time, he had been interested in space for a long time.
As Ursula Werner, Bezos high school girlfriend, once said, “Jeff founded Amazon just to make enough money to run blue origin.” he was very interested in the idea of flying into outer space. ”
“I can neither confirm nor deny it,” Bezos said later when asked about this statement.
In any case, Bezos has one thing for sure: stick to it and make a lot of money. (compiled by Tencent technology / Jiao Han)