TSMC Wei Zhejia: the production capacity is tight, and the oversupply will not happen to us until 2022


According to Taiwan’s Economic Daily reported on October 14, TSMC held an online legal Conference on October 14. In response to analysts’ questions, Wei Zhejia, President of TSMC, reiterated many times that the production capacity is tight and the oversupply will not happen to TSMC until 2022.
People from all walks of life pay attention to the changes in supply and demand of the semiconductor industry and its impact on TSMC. Wei Zhejia pointed out that because of TSMC’s industrial status, unique process technology and close cooperation with customers, oversupply will not happen to TSMC. TSMC’s industrial status can cope with the medium and long-term development of semiconductors.
TSMC treasurer Huang Renzhao also reiterated that in order to support customer demand, capital expenditure this year will be maintained at US $30 billion.