Facebook strictly controls the internal message board to prevent the disclosure of internal confidential information


Tencent technology news on October 14, Facebook told employees on Tuesday that in order to minimize disclosure, the company is turning some of its internal online discussion groups into confidential.
Many Facebook employees have joined workplace’s online discussion groups. This is an internal message board that employees use to communicate and collaborate with each other. In Tuesday’s announcement, Facebook said that the company is making some internal discussion groups focusing on platform security and election protection confidential and no longer public, which limits who can view and participate in the discussion.
Earlier, Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, disclosed thousands of pages of internal documents to regulators, legislators and the news media.
Documents show that Facebook is aware of some of the harm it is doing. Hogan, a 37 year old Harvard graduate, joined Facebook in 2019 as the product manager of the “people misleading information” team and left Facebook in May this year.
Hogan revealed on her personal website that during her work on Facebook, she was shocked by the company’s decision to put profits above public safety and decided to bravely stand up and expose Facebook at great personal risk.
Hogan once disclosed four inside stories of Facebook: differential treatment of celebrity accounts; Being sued by the investor to the court; Instagram is harmful to the mental health of adolescents and the “benefit is more important than safety” policy.
Before leaving Facebook, hogan copied several internal documents and memos. These materials were then handed over to the media. These Facebook internal files are called “Facebook files”. Previously, she filed a complaint with the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and testified before a Senate subcommittee this month.
A Facebook engineering director wrote in the announcement: “everyone may know that in recent months, we have seen an increase in the number of integrity related leaks. These leaked information does not represent the nuances and complexity involved in our work, and is often taken out of context, resulting in the wrong description of our work by the outside world.”
Facebook is known for its open culture of encouraging debate and transparency, but it has become more narrow because it faces the leakage of toxic speech and misinformation, and tries to deal with employee riots. In July this year, the communication team closed an internal forum for issuing company wide announcements. The team once wrote: “one of our requirements: please don’t disclose secrets.”
“Disclosure will make it more difficult for our team to cooperate, expose employees working on sensitive topics to external risks, and lead to distortion and misunderstanding of complex topics,” Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement. Stone added that Facebook has been planning these changes for months.
Facebook said in a statement on Tuesday that it plans to sort out some online discussion groups and delete those whose work has nothing to do with security. These changes will take place in the “next few months.” it is expected that sensitive integrity discussions will take place in the future closed and carefully planned forums. “According to the information obtained by the media, some employees support this initiative, while others condemn the loss of transparency and cooperation. They called the change “counterproductive” and “frustrating”, and one person said it could lead dissatisfied employees to divulge more information.
A Facebook employee pointed out: “I think every employee of the company should think and work hard on integrity as part of their daily work. We should strive to cultivate a culture of such expectations. Isolating those who are committed to integrity will undermine positive cooperative efforts and reduce the cultural expectation that integrity is everyone’s responsibility.” (compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)