How will the universe affect the future? Us four technology giants help


Tencent technology news on October 13, people have made various predictions about the future of the Internet. The most important prediction recently is the transition to the “metaverse”. Of course, these changes will have a great impact on society. In the new era, metauniverse will release incredible creativity and open up new frontiers and horizons for brands and enterprises.
What is the meta universe?
The term “meta universe” is a combination of “meta” (transcendence) and “universe”. It is a collective virtual shared space formed by the integration of virtual enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the Internet.
The term yuancosmos was first coined by science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in his 1992 novel avalanche. In avalanche, metauniverse is a very popular virtual world, which can be experienced by users equipped with augmented reality technology.
The lifelike virtual world is actually a shared sandbox where people work, live and play with digital avatars. The virtual world depends on the decisions and actions made by the real world. With the help of augmented reality and mixed reality, people will be able to enter the meta universe completely virtual, or interact with a part of the virtual world in their physical space.
Why is the meta universe so important?
Even if the development of the meta universe still lags behind the fantasy of science fiction writers, it may generate trillions of dollars as a new computing platform or content medium. But literally, the meta universe is becoming the portal for most digital experiences, a key component of all physical experiences, and the next great business platform.
As a participant in such a system, its value will also be huge. Today, the “Internet” has no owner, but when we observe the most valuable listed companies in the world, we see that the leading Internet companies have unparalleled influence. If the meta universe really wants to replace the Internet, it may also have significant economic growth.
The meta universe can create more and more opportunities than we see online today. New companies, products and services will emerge to manage everything from payment processing, authentication, recruitment, advertising, content creation, security and so on. This means that the work of many employees today will end and change.
How to construct the meta universe?
The meta universe needs countless new technologies, agreements, companies, innovations and discoveries to operate. It will not exist directly as in the era of “pre meta universe” or “post meta universe”. On the contrary, over time, it will gradually appear with the integration and integration of different products, services and functions, but it is helpful to consider several key elements to be implemented.
The metauniverse needs infrastructure support that does not yet exist. Because the Internet is not designed to approach this experience, it is designed to share files from one computer to another.
Metauniverse needs not only the functions provided by video conferencing and video games, but also a highly concurrent infrastructure. Most video chat programs allow up to dozens of people to talk to each other. If hundreds of people are involved, the live pictures of several people will be transmitted to the audience instead of two-way sharing.
Which companies can contribute?
1. Microsoft
Microsoft has hundreds of millions of users through office 365 and LinkedIn. It is the second largest cloud computing service provider in the world, with a complete set of business software and services covering all systems / platforms / infrastructure. To this end, metauniverse provides Microsoft with an opportunity to regain the leadership of Microsoft’s operating system and hardware during the transition from PC to mobile.
Although Facebook CEO Mark zuckenberg has not made clear his intention to develop and own the metauniverse, his obsession with it seems quite obvious. Facebook will be more vulnerable to the meta universe than any other company because it will build a larger and more capable social network, representing a new computing platform and a new interactive platform.
3. Amazon
Most obviously, Amazon will always want to be the main place for us to buy products. In addition, the company is already the world’s largest cloud computing service provider, with hundreds of millions of credit cards. It is a media provider for many different consumers and an e-commerce platform. It is said that it is still developing ar glasses.
4. Apple
As we all know, apple is the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics in modern times and has one of the largest game stores. In addition, the company also invested heavily in AR equipment and Internet of things technology, which can help the development of metauniverse. However, creating an open platform where anyone can access all user data and device APIs is not in line with Apple’s values and business strategy, and it is illegal.
How does the meta universe affect life?
The existing online platforms allow users to freely use some services within specific restrictions, but limit the interoperability between platforms. You can build anything in my world, but you can’t export your work to the fortress night map. The metauniverse will allow users to create their own content and distribute it freely in a widely accessible digital world.
Unlike the modern Internet, meta universe users will experience all changes in real time. If the user makes any changes to the metauniverse, the changes will be permanent and visible to everyone immediately. Compared with the modern Internet, the persistence and interoperability of the meta universe will provide users with greater continuity of identity and experience. In the metauniverse, users will not need a separate twitter profile, fortress night profile or reddit account. They will be consistent on all channels. This continuity of identity will be a key factor in how users buy and consume content in the meta universe.
When will the meta universe come?

There are still many obstacles on the way to the real meta universe. The biggest obstacle is also the hardware limitation. At present, the network and computing power all over the world can not support millions of concurrent users to experience the lasting digital world in real time. Even with this level of network and computing power, the energy consumption of this effort will bring problems to the national grid and the environment.
Where there are sufficient hardware and energy technologies, extensive cultural changes are needed to promote the real development of the meta universe. According to the report on AR usage and consumer attitudes released by artillery and thrive analytics in 2020, consumers can already obtain relatively high-quality AR / VR technology, but less than 20% of Americans are familiar with VR helmets. In addition, experts predict that devices such as VR and AR will have the earliest chance to surpass game consoles in 2025.
What opportunities does the universe contain?
1. Economy
Companies will need to shift their marketing strategy from buying advertising online to a version that can be used in a shared virtual economy. Companies will need to conduct market research on their new customers in the database. People’s behavior and preferences in the meta universe may be completely different from their behavior in real life and the things they buy.
2. Culture
In the meta universe, people don’t wander alone. They will make friends and even become lovers, which will affect their decisions. The brand will need to continue to adapt to the playback style and interaction. Customers can not only talk to brands as they do on social media, but also interact with them in 3D.
3. Shopping
Virtual fashion, virtual image and virtual real estate (housing, automobile, etc.) will have their own value in the meta universe. Companies will have to design brands for different people at different stages of the economic situation. People who invest in metadata may own their own enterprises and properties in the meta universe, so they may have the opportunity to cooperate with non-existent enterprises. Virtual fashion companies and designers will have the opportunity to enter a new digital priority clothing market. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)