Apple’s invitation: new product launch on the 19th, new macbook pro or debut


Tencent technology news on the evening of October 12 Beijing time, apple officially announced a new press conference invitation. It is determined that the press conference will be held at 1 a.m. Beijing time on October 19 and 10 a.m. Pacific time on October 18. The theme of the press conference is “bombing”.
According to previous rumors, the protagonists of this apple press conference may be the macbook pro and the third-generation airpods, of which the MacBook Pro will become the biggest attraction of the whole press conference.
According to the existing news, the new MacBook Pro to be released in October will launch 14 inch and 16 inch models, and the main update points will include screen and processor.
After the iPad Pro first used the miniled backlight, this time the MacBook Pro will also use this backlight material. At the same time, the two notebooks will innovate in design, cancel the surface design, use the same plane right angle as the iPhone / iPad pro, and it is very likely to cancel the touch bar.
In terms of core processor, the 16 inch MacBook Pro currently on sale still uses Intel processor, but the new MacBook Pro will make it possible for both models to use Apple’s self-developed processor m1x. Compared with the previous M1, m1x will increase the number of processor cores to 10 cores, of which the 14 inch version will integrate 16 core GPU, while the 16 inch version will integrate 32 core GPU. It is said that the graphics performance is comparable to that of RTX 3070.
In addition, macsafe magnetic suction charging will return to the MacBook Pro to replace the current USB_ C interface, and may introduce support for Apple pencil.
Another product that is almost confirmed to appear at this press conference is the third-generation airpods. The pictures exposed before show that the new airpods will adopt the very same charging box design as the current airpods pro.
The appearance of airpods 3 is almost the same as that of airpods pro. It is a semi in ear scheme, but there may be no earplugs. Airpods 3 will be equipped with Apple’s self-developed U1 chip to support pressure sensing operation, transparent mode, spatial audio function, etc. However, in order to distinguish the differences between products, airpods 3 should not support active noise reduction technology.
For the selling price of airpods 3, Guo Mingli Z’s report shows that there may be two cases of pricing. One is that the price of airpods 3 is higher than that of existing airpods 2, and the price of airpods 2 remains unchanged. The other is that the price of airpods 3 is the same as that of existing airpods 2, and airpods 2 will reduce the price. Some informants said that the price of airpods 3 would be about 20% cheaper than that of airpods pro, or $199.
Finally, another product was put on the rumor list – the new Mac Mini. It is said that the new Mac Mini will also use the m1x processor, and on the premise of maintaining the same design as the current mac mini, it will add an interface on the back, including four thunderbolt 3, two usb-a ports, Ethernet and HDMI.