Xinoxygen apologized to the parties for the Internet infringement caused by the use of star photos


In October 11th, new oxygen issued an apology statement through official account of WeChat public, “new oxygen health online”, responding to the case of “using star photos to cause network infringement liability disputes”.
New oxygen said that the new announcement information was aimed at the network infringement liability dispute caused by star photos in the official account of new oxygen operation. Now it has actively communicated with the parties concerned, and will fully cooperate with the Beijing Internet court. At present, the case is still in litigation. Xinoxygen apologizes for the troubles caused by all parties, and will fully accept criticism and correction and resolutely rectify in the future.
Previously, according to tianyancha information, Beijing new oxygen Technology Co., Ltd. has made more court announcements since early October, in which the plaintiff includes stars such as Hua Chenyu, Wu Qilong and Ju Jingyi.