Wechat youth mode adds “Guardian authorization” function


According to the securities times, on October 11, the wechat youth model was upgraded again and the “Guardian authorization” function was added. Upgrade Android / IOS wechat to version 8.0.15 and you can use it. Through this function, parents can decide what to show their children and how long to watch them.
In addition to the existing functions such as password, duration limit, pop-up reminder and exclusive access scope for teenagers, the upgraded mode can also:
1. Flexibly set children’s browsable content. Children can not visit the content of the adolescent mode such as official account, small program, link, etc., can apply for temporary visit to the guardian.
2. Flexibly control the length of time children watch video numbers. After the child watches the wechat video number for a timeout, he can also apply for temporary authorization to extend the use time for another 40 minutes.
3. Remotely guide children to use wechat scientifically. Even if you are not with your child, you can send an application to the parent, and the parent agrees to access remotely.