Xiaomi’s lawsuit for “Mijia Mijia” trademark was rejected: it is easy to confuse and misidentify the public


On October 8, the administrative judgment of the second instance between Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. and the State Intellectual Property Office was made public, and Xiaomi’s lawsuit for the “Mijia” trademark was rejected.
According to the judgment, the court held that the contentious trademark “Mi Jia” and the cited trademark both contain “Mi Jia”, which are similar in terms of text composition, call and meaning. The contentious trademark as a whole has not formed other meanings and characteristics that are obviously different from the cited trademark, which is easy to cause confusion and misunderstanding among the relevant public. The relevant grounds for appeal of Xiaomi company cannot be established.
This judgment is final. This means that Xiaomi’s use of the “Mijia Mijia” trademark has not been supported yet, but separate trademarks such as Mijia and Mijia can still be used.