The impact of continuous downtime of FB: users began to reflect on their ways of making money and look for backup plans


After two consecutive downtime events, nethong, which has long relied on instagram and Facebook to contact users, advertise and sell products, is reconsidering where to publish content.
Ten creators and small business owners who often use instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp claim that service downtime has caused them losses ranging from hundreds of dollars to 5000 dollars.
The outage comes as Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are promoting investment in content creation to attract online popularity on platforms such as tiktok.
Tencent technology news on October 10, lakinya Francis is establishing a LinkedIn (professional social networking website) account, Haley Sanchez is expanding her email list, and Michael elefante plans to establish his own website.
Francis runs a consulting firm to help people make money through vending machines. “It’s good that we’re too focused on what works, but we need a backup plan, especially when we rely so much on Facebook technology,” he said
Online celebrities who have long relied on instagram and Facebook to contact fans, promote and sell products suffered great losses after the company’s platform went down for hours on Monday. Now they are reconsidering the location of publishing content.
Ten online creators and small business owners who often use services such as Facebook, instagram or WhatsApp claim that during the downtime of Facebook services, they estimate their losses in sales, member links, sponsor posts and product launches ranging from a few hundred dollars to 5000 dollars.
This proves how much influence Facebook has on the Internet economy. For people who rely on Facebook services to work or advertise products, even a small drop in line means losses, not to mention a large-scale downtime of up to six hours.
Zuckerberg’s investment in creators and small businesses
Santosh Janardhan, Facebook’s vice president in charge of infrastructure, recently posted a blog post to apologize for large-scale downtime. He accused “the configuration change of the backbone router” of causing service interruption, but did not specify what had changed.
More than 200 million enterprises widely use Facebook tools, and countless content creators rely on instagram to publish sponsorship posts, associated links and sell products. At the time of the outage, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was actively encouraging and attracting creators on tiktok, snapchat and other social media platforms.
Last year, instagram launched a short film feature called reels to compete with tiktok. Zuckerberg recently said that by 2022, the company will pay $1 billion to users who create content for both Facebook and instagram. Facebook also said that it would not receive a commission from creator functions such as online activities and fan subscriptions before 2023, and announced a new way to make money on instagram in April.
Earlier this year, he wrote on Facebook: “the investment in creators is not new to us, but over time, I am happy to expand this work.”
Michael Heller, CEO and founder of talent resources, a marketing agency that deals with online celebrities, said that in addition to refunds, Facebook and instagram should provide double publicity services as compensation for those who prepay advertising fees on Monday.
Alexa vogue, vice president of brand cooperation of ttpm influencer talent management, said that most companies and online celebrities planning to post on Monday will advance to Friday or postpone to Tuesday in case of failure. She added that if the service on YouTube or tiktok is interrupted, users who use pay per click services may suffer greater economic losses.
“The Facebook outage has sounded an alarm for us, but from the overall situation, a successful online celebrity will always succeed,” she said
Diversified demand of platform
Many creators and small businesses say instagram is the preferred platform because it is easy to connect with users through direct messages and stories, and it provides a more focused follower community, which is easier to turn into sales.
But many netizens say that now most people say they will focus on building their own websites and diversifying the platforms they use. Some people use Twitter, tiktok and email to increase sales to stay in touch with viewers during downtime.
Francis, who runs a consulting firm, plans to use LinkedIn and email lists, a tool to help her continue to drive sales during Monday’s service outage.
For Sanchez, who runs a small candle shop, Facebook downtime occurred in a busy season preparing for the holiday. She often uses instagram to label products, update customers through stories, and lead people to her Shopify store.

“This is where I do business. Although I run a small candle company and have little daily trading volume, this is my full-time job. So even if I make three sales that may lose money, it will have a great impact on me,” Sanchez said. She used Monday to contact customers and establish an email list to prepare for future downtime, So she can better communicate with customers.
Elliott elkhoury, who sells resources for real estate investors, estimates that he lost $3000 to $5000 on Monday due to the loss of traffic on his platform and social media and the inability to advertise.
Heller suspects that between advertising revenue and brand content, Facebook has lost hundreds of millions of dollars since its shutdown on Monday. He added that the financial losses to customers could range from $3 million to $4 million.
Michael elefan runs short-term leasing businesses and teaches others how to run them. He estimated his losses at between $1500 and $2500. Now, he will focus on direct mail information and his website.
John eringman is a financial content creator with more than 50000 fans on instagram and 1.2 million fans on tiktok. He estimated that he had lost hundreds of dollars.
Erinman diversified his business by attracting followers on tiktok and a website. But if the service goes down until Wednesday, he may lose $2500 on instagram and tiktok sponsorship posts. He said: “social media has a life cycle. Make sure you have your own audience, not Facebook or instagram.” (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)